New Album

"Jenna Visit Misc" Album has been added to "June". This will hold all the random pics that we take while Jenna is here.

-Garvin (^_^)


Happy Birthday Jenna!

We had a surprise birthday party for Jenna. While Jenna and Becka were upstairs playing a game, Bill and I decorated
downstair, per our dastardly plan. As soon as Alicia got to the house, we surprised Jenna and shoved off to Long John
Silver's. Once we stuffed our faces with deep-fried-goodness, it was time for cake and presents! Since I had finished all
my work for the weekend on Saturday morning, we could take an impromptu trip to Hershey World. Yes... we would spend
more time driving than in Hershey, but why not?

Hershey was AMAZING. The drive was around 5 hours and 30 minutes. Chocolate was in the air and the lamp posts had
kisses on them. We did the tour and a chocolate taste testing.

Happy Birthday Jenna!
-Garvin (^_^)


Digi Cam FOUND! + Album updates

Finally found it. Becka and I figured we'd find it was we started cleaning or out for Leah and Jenna. Booo I had found a
new digi cam I was going to buy. It was Garvin proof. You could drop it from 6ft, go under water for 32 ft, and withstand
temps of 14 degrees. boo hoo. oh well... I can always buy it later, when the price comes down.

Anywho, got Joe's grad pics off the camera and managed to download pics of Bill's new bike.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Digi down time

Hi Gang

As you might have known I haven't updated Digidreamerz in a while. My mac is starting to show it's age (5 years and 3
months old to be exact). Been running out of disc space and the site has been getting larger and larger. Plus, it doesn't
help that the pics get larger and larger with new cameras. I've been able to managed to clear up 5GB, which should last a
few more updates. Will need to delete iTunes music and move some stuff to the back up hard drive.

Sorry for the lag in pics.
-Grrvin (^_^)

p.s. This power book just needs to last one more year and hopefully Apple will release a 17 inch quad-core Mac Book
Pro (^_^)

Big Date... Anniversary part1

Blurry iPhone pics. Sorry for the blurry pics, but it's the best I could scrounge up before our (Becka and Me) big date. The
Sony digi cam is STILL missing right now (Y_Y).

Anyways... Becka made a res at Pier W, a nice seafood restaurant with a great view of the city and the lake. The food was

What we ate...
+ Lobster Sushi Roll
+ Steak Carpaccio
+ Lobster Bisque
+ Oysters

Main Course:
+ Alaskan King Crab
+ Filet
+ Ahi Tuna
+ Garlic Spinach
+ Mash Potatoes

+ Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb

This was a great time to give Becka her anniversary present, seeing how we've been finding it next to impossible to get to
Pittsburgh to celebrate our anniversary properly. We had a great time people watching and looking at all the trophy wives.
We even next to a Cleveland Browns player.

Will definitely need to go back again.
-Garvin (^_^)

Bill's New Toy

Bill picked up his Kawasaki Ninja today. It new, shiny, blue, and it can go fast, what more can any one ask for from a toy.
Bill practiced on the parking lot behind Ohio Motocycles to get used to the new bike. Then we (Becka and I) followed Bill
back to his house. From there Becka and I jetted to out date.

Sorry no pics yet, but I'll update the site as soon as i get my hands on them.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. As a cheap filler I did manage to find a Blue Kawasaki Ninja 250r off of google. Just picture Bill on top riding it.

blue kawasaki ninja 250r sportbike

Joe Graduates

Joe's actually graduated. Who knew? Joe graduation was fun. Nothing like sitting in a hot stadium for a few hours. We
bumped into Lisa and Joe's family while we were looking for seats, talk about a small world. After the graduation, we all
headed over to Joe's house for some food and gaming, of course... how else would you picture a Joe graduation.
Everybody had a good time eating Chinese food (Joe's personal request), and playing Rock Band. The time went by too
fast and Becka and I were soon on the road again.

Enjoy the.... oh wait I can't find my digi cam... sooo you'll need to wait for the pics. I'll do a post, when I find the camera.
For the time being, just imaging Joe with a diploma and stuffing his face full of Chinese food.
-Garvin (^_^)