Cavs Playoffs: Round 1 Game 5

The Cavs just needed one more win to go to the next round of the playoffs, but they couldn't pull it off tonight. Oh well, hope
they do better in Game 6. At least Becka and I got to drown our sorrows with 31 cents ice cream with Alicia after the game.

Enjoy the Tasty pics... Go Cavs.
-Garvin (^_^)


1st Integrity Install Wahooo!

Dartmouth was once again a HUGE SUCCESS! Ross and I headed up to Dartmouth to install the the very first Integrity.
Once again we used our super move... i.e. we brought dunkin donuts ;) The install went super-smooth. We did a lot of
prep work before we got there (special thanks to Mike for the assist). It was pretty much plug and play. We didn't even
have to sprint through the airport this time.

Enjoy the pics. Go Codonics! Another product done.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. I really didn't smooch the Integrity my head is really 2 feet away from the box.


Cavs Game 2

Round 1/Game 2 of the playoff... We got tickets, but I didn't go. WHAT?!?! How could this be? Had to go to Dartmouth for
work (Reference next blog about the Dartmouth trip). Bill, Emily, Stephen, and Becka had a fun time. The Cavs
dominated! I got to listen to the last quarter on the radio in the car to Dartmouth.

Enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Thanks to Bill for taking the pics.


New Product = Another Party!

Another new product another product. Instead of a house party, I found bowling alley Codonics could have a party at. We
all had a fun time. Gary K. even stopped by to show us how it's done. Yes there are vid of his greatness. To top of the
festivities, Ross got everybody pizza, pop, and a Integrity cake from Baskin Robbins.. Mmmmm.

Enjoy the fin pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes, that's me giving Gary bunny ears ;)

p.p.s. The Gary bowling vids are in the "Theater" section.


Cavs Fan Appreciation Day

For the last regular Cavs game, the Q planed a "Fan Appreciation" day to celebrate the the playoffs. They have over a
million dollars in give-a-aways. Becka and I didn't win anything, but we had a great time.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Bill BDay Weekend

Bill BDay = PA Birthday Weekend. We hit the road to celebrate Bill's special day. Bill and Alicia hit PA on Friday night and
Becka and I headed up on Saturday morning. Saturday was jam-crammed for stuff. As soon as we got to Casa De Lutz,
we shoved off to Eant'nPark with Bill's crew to grab a hearty breakfast. The place was cool. They have smiley faces on
everything, even Becka waffle that she got. We go all the waitress to sing happy birthday to Bill (yes there's a movie in the
theater section). Then it was off to Baldinger's Market to buy some penny candy. The short story is that the penny candy
store was over 75 years old and that they were closing their doors this summer. The good news saw that they we be now
just relocating to some where else. Baldinger's was pretty cool. They had all sorts of candy and treats, yum!

Once we loaded up on sugar, it was time to run around like kids in the name of science. Yep you guessed it, we went to the
Carnegie Science Center. We got to play with robots, water and all sorts of fun stuff. The crowning achievement was
building Super-Tall-Super-Cool-Water-TOWER! Bill and I tapped the three water sources together to build up enough water
pressure to shoot the water into the big tube. Bill and I got soaked. I got lucky, just my pants were wet. Bill was drenched
from head to toe. The sports center was fun too. We got to do even more running around. We then had dinner at a place
that put fries in their sandwiches.... Mmmmm. We topped the night with cake back at homebase. The cake was cool it had
Optimus Prime driving on it.

Day two was fun filled to. Keeping in with the PA theme, we hit up Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe in Elwood City. Their chili hot
dogs and wedding soup were super-tastey. We hung out at the Lutz house for a bit and then went to Forbush for ice cream.
When Bill's dad got off from work, he made us a steak dinner, which we really good. At dinner, we started talking about
Cleland Rocka nd McConnell's Mill, so we did a quick impromptu road trip up to those places. The Cleland Rock rocked
(hahahaa couldn't help myself). You could see a ton of stuff from their. McConnell's Mill was cool too. We even had a
stick race.

That pretty much wraps it up. We definitely kept with the theme of PA all weekend. There are tons of pics (that I split up
into two albums) and movies (in the theater section). Enjoy. Happy Birthday Bill.
-Garvin (^_^)


Impromptu BBQ

What?!?! Surprise surprise... this is not another BDay post... who knew. Well the title pretty much sums it up. 5 days of
straight ran was coming and Bill had suggested a cook out somewhere. 24 hours later we were cookin it up at my house.
Some Codonics peeps made a guest appearance too. After we stuffed our faces with Nathan's hotdogs and brats, we
gamed it up with Scene It on the Xbox360.

Good times... Enjoy the new Album
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. There are some bonus Codonics pics too.


Jackie BDay

Yes. If you''re keeping track we've celebrated THREE birthdays in less than one week. Uggg. Dare I say I'm too stuffed
with birthday cake. We all had a good time this morning. Nothing like starting the day off with cake and presents.
Mmmmm ice cream cake for breakfast YUM! Jackie got a whole bunch of Hanna Montana stuff. After we stuffed our faces
with cake we booked it to Cheesecake Factory.

Happy Birthday Jackie.
Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yay! for a new 2k8 April Album.
p.p.s. Next week is Bill's BDay... well I guess I've got more room for cake ;)


Gary K BDay

Yay! We gave Gary a surprise birthday with a custom Keefe-a-nator cake. MMMmmmm.

Happy 49th Birthday Gary! Enjoy the pics in the Codonics Album.
-Garvin (^_^)