Congratulations it's a new...

Wahoo! It's time to welcome someone new to the family... Alicia's new 46inch Sony XBR! It's new and shiny (@_@)

Can't wait to watch movies on it and bask in all it's bright glory.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. I heart That's how I wrote this post.


Holiday Valley: Lots of twists and turns

Yeah... Definitely a fun filled-emotional-roller coaster ride... and that wasn't even the skiing parts. Bill and I hit the road
around 10am this morning. We made sure to fill our bellies with Mcdonalds goodness. Mmmmm toasty hash browns.
Yum! The first "Twist and Turn" was when we blew past our exit for route 86 and proceeded on 90 until we reached New
York. Luckily, Bill whipped out his Q and rerouted us, so we wouldn't have to backtrack all the way. Yes... so if you are
keeping score right now we went from PA to NY back to PA and back into NY a different way. Just when we thought
everything as smooth sailing, about a couple hours into skiing I realized I didn't have the car keys anymore. Yeah...
No Car Keys + 3.5 hours away from home = SCAMBLE-PANIC-MODE. Once again Lady luck (casino reference... to be
explained later) was on our side, someone had found the keys on a hill and had just returned them. I was soooo ecstatic
that they had the keys and we were able to go home.

Ok now that the drama part is outta the way I can talk about fun stuff that doesn't require SCAMBLE-PANIC-MODE (I get to
do that at Codonics enough hahahaa jk). Anywho Holiday Valley was great. The weather turned out to be pretty mild, so
just went with the Under Armor and the Beckham jersey. The powder was nice and soft, good far carving out nice turns.
There were a few icy patches, but no big falls... we still have all of our fingers. I did manage to get in a tree slaloming
run in one of the glades. It was a little rough, there were a lot of roots poking out, so it was like skiing and bumpy ice. I was
able to get it all out of my system until next time ;) Mardi Gras was as good as I remembered it. Nice, long, and fast. I
noticed they've upgraded their lifts too. In celebration for finding the keys... and to rest out tired old legs, I treated my self to
a waffle at the Waffle Cabin... Yum! The scenic runs always make it worth the trip up to NY. Holiday Valley was fun to ski
and it's still my #2 on my top Ski Places list.

On a sidenote, I resisted the urge to stop off at the casino on the way back. Apparently, they built a brand-spankin-new-shiny
Casino in Seneca. And we all know how i like the shiny stuff hahahaa. Oh well next time when we have more family there
we'll stop and put 20 on red.

Ug... goin feel old in the morning.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. More fun ski pics to come as soon as Bill hooks me up. Yes.. Bill got a pic of the guy at the lost and found ;)


Chinese School files

The Chinese school files are ready to be downloaded in the Theater section.

-Garvin (^_^)

Chinese School American Idol (@_@)

LOL! We made it to the big show. Today we had to do our Chinese Animal song for some people. Those people would
then determine if we were good enough to perform for Chinese New Year in front of the entire school (+400 kids).
Everything went off without a hitch.... excluding we were missing the dragon and the dog, but we improvised and everything
worked out. We did feel old when we were too old to go to the "Teen Party" hahaa. We'll need to have a "Middle-Aged
Party" for all the adults ;)

Chinese New Year Party Info:
When: 02-09-2008 3:00pm
Where: Solon High School
Admission; $3 kids

Word on the street is that there'll be chicken nuggets... SCORE!
-Garvin (^_^)


Chinese Animal Song (shēng xiào gē) lyrics

xiăo lăo shŭ, dă tóu lái, niú bă tí ér tái
lăo hŭ huí tóu yī shēng hŏu, tù ér tiào dē kuài, ::ah::
tù ér taio dē kuài
lóng hé shé, wĕi bā shuăi, mă yáng bù ér mài.
xiăo hóu jī líng bèng yòu tiào, jī chàng tiān xià bái, ::ah::
jī chàng tiān xià bái
gŏu ér tiào, zhū ér jiào, lăo shŭ yòu gēn lái.
shí èr dòng wù zhuàn quān păo, qĭng bă shùn xù[double dot] pái, ::ah::
qĭng bă shùn xù[double dot] pái.

CharacterMap Dump:
āáăà ēéĕè ī í ĭ ì ōóŏò ūúŭù

Once again the web interface to the blog Rocks!
-Garvin (^_^)

Happy Birthday Alicia!!!

Birthdays are fun and filling. As usual, we ate a lot and there were a lot of treats. Ok... where to start? Well the theme was the letter 'M', which stemmed from a convo Alicia and Becka had a while ago. Obviously Malley's was a MUST. Becka and I decorated the night before with pink streamers and a happy birthday banner. We had dinner @ Macaroni Grille, where they gave us a huge Birthday Brownie and sang Happy Birthday in Italian. Then off to Malley's to continue eating more desserts. Sidenote: They had the B-team on staff that night. Oh well the ice cream was still good. The Movie for the night was "My Mad Greek Wedding". But! What! There's More! More what? More Dessert. To top it all off we had a My little Pony chocolate ice cream cake. Wow what a night of desserts and presents.

Enjoy the pics... Happy Birthday Alicia.
-Garvin (^_^)

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Chinese Character Test


::fingers crossed::
Hope this works
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Blogging from work...

Just another quick test to see if things are still working.


FamilyBlog_beta roll out

As promised in the "2k8 Album open for business!" blog entry, I want to begin to roll out interactive elements to
digidreamerz, so that everybody can contribute. As you might have noticed on the sidebar, I've rolled out a
"FamliyBlog_beta" section. This is a family blog where everybody can contribute via I'll email instructions
when I get some more flight time on it. Down the road, I want to swap the main blog with the FamilyBlog.

Happy Blogging
-Grrvin (^_^)


Pic test

quick test to see what image links aren't working.

Mini-Update: Chinese Hat Album

Man! It's been forever since I've done a "Mini-Update".

Bill lucked out with the snake hat. He just wrapped it around his head and called it a day. Definitely less work
than the Piggy and Chicken hat ;)

Yay! for keepin the site updated.
-Grrvin (^_^)



Nothing like the night before our Chinese animal hats are due to start them ;) hehehee It's just like college all over again.
We are learning an animal song to sing for Chinese New Year, but an added twist is that we make/wear a hat with one of
12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. I got the chicken. Becka needs to make a pig hat. Bill needs to make a snake hat.
The chicken hat came together pretty easily. Bill's idea to use the hard felt worked out Great! We took a shortcut with
Becka's hat and bought a stuffed pig at ToysRUs.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Will up date the album with Bill's snake hat tomorrow... need to remember the camera ;)


Leah Back to school (Y_Y)

All winter breaks come to an end. Leah starts school tomorrow soooo you know what that means...
Rochester Road Trip! Nothing like a round trip to Rochester on Sunday ;) Man after packin up everything
in the CTS we barely had enough room for all three of us. hehehee The trip was fun. The only speed bump
we hit was that Leah forgot her dorm keys in Ohio :(. Oh well... we still got in her room any who. Surprisingly,
there weren't that many cars out today. We had enough time to pick up Leah's room, and go to the grocery

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

REM: Send Leah her dorm keys.

p.s. Oh yeah... you'll notice this blog entry wasn't done a month after the fact ;) We'll see how long I can keep
this New Year's Resolution.



Starting the new year off right... with a huge update to the site hahaha.

Albums Added:
+ (2k7) Family Winter Break
+ (2k7) Merry Christmas
+ (2k7) New Years Eve
+ (2k7) Codonics
+ (2k8) Cavs Floor Seats
+ (2k8) Dartmouth Trip
+ (2k8) Codonics

I've also added Leah to the "XBox 360 Live Stats" page.

-Garvin (^_^)


Dartmouth Trip

Alan and flew up to Dartmouth for the day to do some alpha testing on our new product. Dartmouth is a very
important site for us. It renowned for being a very good teaching hospital. Can't really talk about the demo
too much, but everything went very well... even more than what we expected. Where is Dartmouth you ask?
It is in Lebenon, New Hampshire. We flew into Manchester and drove north for an hour and some change.
New Hampshire is a beautiful state. Will need to go back and vacay there one time.

Enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. The hotel was real nice too.
p.p.s. Yes, I brought maple syrup back for Leah and Becka


Best Seats EVER for a Cavs game.

Ok so Becka's Aunt SCORED THE BEST SEATS POSSIBLE for the Cavs vs. Sonics game. We sat ON the
court right. Did you hear me "ON" the court. It was our seats and then the court.. Nobody in front of us but
just the players. No Nosebleed seats this time. It was sooooo COOL! I couldn't even guess how much
these would cost (prolly 4 figures). You could hear Lebron talkin to all the players. All the players are larger
than life. They just tower over everybody. One thing that caught me off guard, was that I expected more
trash talking. I wish I remembered to bring my camera. Thank goodness Leah brought her's. They had a
special lounge (Mercedes-Benz Platinum Lounge) for all the people who had floor seats and a personal
waitress to get you food during the game... Yeah WOW! The morning after, we got to watch ourselves on
ESPN SportCenter. Since we were on the floor all the highlights had us in them ;). That was weird to watch
us hehee.

Enjoy pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes I was tempted to tap Lebron on the back and say hi... but I resisted.
p.p.s. Usher wasn't there. :(


2k8 Album open for business!

Wahoo! New Year = New 2k Album.

Digidreamerz New Years Resolutions:
+ Updates sooner
+ New interactive features (still tryin to figure out just what that means ;))
+ Finally getting around to updating all the old albums

Can't wait to post more pics.
-Grrvin (^_^)

3...2...1... Happy New Year!

New Years Eve... What to do? What to do? Mike, Sofiya, Gary, Teresa, Jenna, Alicia, and Tom were all over
to join in the festivities. We made mini pizzas (Good idea Mike ;)) and got our drink on. Dick Clark was one
TV celebrating his 100th New Years... hahahaa not really, but it's up there. By the end of the night, it was
good to just pass out.

Enjoy the pics... See you next year...
-Garvin (^_^)