Mike and Garv's 5th BAOMTALOFEOTY Dinner

5TH!?!? You better believe it. Half a decade. Friends + Food + games + more food... Mmmm. We had tons
of tons of food and everybody had a great time.

Here's to another 5 more years. Yay for friends!
-Garvin (^_^)


Merry Christmas

Family + Presents + No work email... what more could I ask for. Wow what a fun filled Christmas. I think there's a direct correlation to the amount of pictures taken and the fun-ness had by all. There's over 300 pics.

Enjoy all the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Family Winter break

Wahoo... Winter break. I remember the day when I had winter break ;) Leah's on Winter break and family is
coming up from Alabama, sooo you know what this means... PARTYYYY! The first thing we was go to the
Cavs vs. Lakers games. That was fun. Kobe and Lebron under one roof (@_@).

What would a Winter break be with out some skiing!?!? We hit the slopes when The Tam Fam came up.
Alex and Christina decided to mix it up this time and go snowboarding. So I taught Leah skiing while I
gave Alex and Christina snowboarding lessons. Fun fun. The kiddies had a few bumps from some fall,
but everybody was OK.

Enjoy the fun-filled pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Come and Get'em.. Vids are up!

Wahoo! I took a break from studying for the Chinese final today and cranked out a quick
download theater page. Yes... yes... I know I have finished the theater since moving to the
new web site yet, but hey! this is a start Winking

-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. No worries the movies are actually off of SetoVault.com, so things should be zipped.


Leah Senior Recital = Road trip time

Leah's Senior Recital is kinda equivalent to Senior Thesis in engineering college... or the bar exam in
lawyer terms... ehhh or the Showcase Showdown in The Price is Right... so it' it's a pretty deal. Both
Becka and I called off work from Codonics and packed it up for an extended weekend. Mama Shaffer
came in from AZ on friday and we rolled out Saturday morning. There was still a lot to do when we got
to Rochester. The night before (Thursday), I cranked out a cool poster, which we made 35 copies of top
hang up around the school (Reference: check out the P.S.).

Sunday, we ran around getting all the stuff together for the reception after the recital, so you'll find a
couple grocery pics in the new album. We got a couple nice party trays of subs and wraps. Saturday
night, we got together with everybody to have a nice din din. The Mmmmm-good kind, that almost
cost as much as a Apple Laptop kind hahahaa. It rare that Becka, Leah, Peter, and Mama S. are all
in the same place, so you've gotta go all out.

Monday was the big show. Nothing like last minute trips to Rite-Aid and the Grocery store. Becka and
I had to wake up early to go pick up the party trays and any last minutes items. The reception step up
when smoothly, thanks to Beth and Ed.

Leah's recital was AMAZING. Everybody loved her performance. Her teachers had nothing, but praise
for her performance. For those who missed it (Uncle Robert ), I got everything on video. Over 3.5 GB of
data. I actually filled up my 4GB memory stick on my camera.

It will take me a bit to up load vids and put them in the theater. For now enjoy the fun filled-family pics.
-Garvin (^_^)


p.s. Check out the cool poster I made for Leah's recital (Click_Me). It came out pretty good.

p.p.s. We missed Uncle Robert. (Y_Y) He almost made it.

p.p.p.s. To all the kiddies out there... Becka and I do not condone excessive drinking.


Happy December!

Happy December! Bill and I got to get our shop on (he beat me by a stupid penny... yes yes we made
sure to take a pick of the receipts). The girls got to get their jam on with Guitar Hero 3. Becka synced
Bill's guitar all by herself. WOW!!! We did try to watch Miss Congeniality,but only Bill and I made
through it. Granted it was around 3am-ish so who could blame the girls for fallin asleep.

Enjoy the Rockin pics.
-Garvin (^_^)