Yes... Bill and I took Tuesday off to play Halo 3. I believe vacation day well worth spent. We
(Becka, Bill, and I) got our Burger King Halo 3 meal and were good to go for the midnight launch.
The GameStop we were @ had over 100 preorders and the was pretty decent. It was DWARFED
by the mammoth crowd around the corner @ the other GameStop (Go fig. two GameStops in the
same mall). They had over 400 pre orders. We made sure to stop off @ the grocery store to stock
up on the snack-age. Bill and I gamed from midnight till 4-something P.M.

We came... We Saw... We Conquered...

We mowed down Halo 3 on Legendary (the hardest level) in 15 hours... and boo were we tired

enjoy the fun-filled-super-nerdy-pics
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. I also had spread the Halo love buy drawing Master Chief saying something positive for
the kiddies.
p.p.s. Yes Becka and I rocked the Halo 3 gear @ Codonics before the Midnight launch.


Rochester Trip pt2

HUH?!?! No you don't have double vision. This is the second trip to Rochester this month.
Zooooooom. We had a fun filled time, even though it was shorter than usual cause
of Chinese school. Bowling and Target was super-fun as usual.

enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Micro-Update: House, Chinese School, Misc

09-05-07: House update
With our new edition to the house. YAY! Welcome HD-DVD drive. Just in time
our cable got disconnected when someone accidentally dug it up ugggg.

09-08-07: Chinese School
First day of Chinese school. Gulp! Hope there not too much homework.

09-11-07: Codonics
Jeff with fake eyes for the super long meeting :-D

-Grrvin (^_^)


Mini-Update... but lots of pics ;)

Updated Albums:
+ Viva Las Vegas (Finally got pics from Gary and Teresa)
+ Rochester Road Trippin (From Bill)
+ Alicia Party (From Bill)

New Album:
+ Bill's Album -> 2k7 -> AirShow (From Bill)

Enjoy the new pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Rochester Road Trippin

Loooong weekend of driving... eating... moving... eating... moving... and more driving. As
usual our road trips include lots and lots of good food. You'll notice a lot of pics of us eating ;)
To ensure this move-in is successful I have assembled an elite team of experts.

Special Team's Roster
+ Leah: the Movee
+ Becka: the Sleeper/ Organizer
+ Bill: the Extra Back
+ Me: Project Manager/Driver/Bank

We crammed everything in the car and had just enough space for 4 people. But before we
could hit the road hard, we needed to make a special stop. Yep you guessed it, we needed
McDonalds! Mmmmm hash-browns and juice the breakfast of champions. Along the way
we decided to see how many different license plates we can see on the road (Reference
below: List O Plates). It was fun and prevented me from speeding away. We hit the ground
running when we got to Eastman. We moved everything from the car to her room and had
time to goto Target Twice before dinner @ Dino's. Mmmm Dinosaur BBQ is a must @
Rochester. After dinner, we just made it back to pick up Morris and Leah's stuff from long
term storage. Then we unpacked and organized the night away.

The morning started off good with Lindsay Lohan in "Just My Luck" ;) We first went to The
Spot (FYI: it was a Chevy dealership before it became coffee shop) to get some b-fast. Yum
a Mike Sandwich hit the spot (no pun intended). After we filled our bellies, we were ready
for more shopping @ Target, Parkleigh, and Wegmans. Bill and I had a fun time building
the shelves and organizer we just got from Target. We got everything done before dinner @
P.F. Changs. P.F.'s was fun. And yes... we conquered the Great Wall of Chocolate ;) Since
we got some beer @ Wegmens earlier, we had to pick up a bottle opener at Target. This
brought the Target trip counter to 4, which is on par for typical move-ins. The trip home was
pretty uneventful. Everybody passed out towards the later legs of the trip. We made it home
safe and sound around 1:40am-ish... and yes Bill drove home after that... ug.

No speeding tickets Wahoo! SUCCESS!

List O Plates:
1) Ohio (Duh)
2) Pennsylvania
3) New York
4) Arizona
5) Utah
6) Nevada
7) New Hampshire
8) Florida
9) Ketucky
10) Illinois
11) Ontario
12) Texas
13) Indiana
14) Maryland
15) Missouri
16) Michigan
17) Oklahoma*
18) Massachusetts
19) Virginia
20) Connecticut*
21) West Virginia*
22) New Jersey
23) South Carolina*
24) Arkansas*
25) Wisconsin
26) North Carolina
28) California
29) Maine
30) Rhode Island
31) Vermont*
32) Alabama
33) Tenesee
*- denotes that those plates were seen in a parking lot and not on the road.

We miss Leah (Y_Y)
-Garvin (^_^)