Jenna Album tooooo full (@_@)

Over 1000 pics taken since Jenna came to Ohio... need to split into 4 seperate albums.

p.s. will prolly split into more albums when I've got more time.

peace out
-G (^_^)


NYC Rocked! That is when we go there
We were delayed for 5 hours. Something was fishy, when we saw tons of cots out. We all had a great time running around NYC.

Activities List:
+ Subway riding
+ Top of the rock
+ Chinatown dim sum and shopping
+ Times Square and shopping
+ 5th Ave. shopping
+ Central Park
+ Grand Central Station
+ Junior's Cheesecake
+ iPhone

Enjoy ALL the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Jenna Surprise part (Jenna Visit Album Update + Theater update)

Today was a jam-crammed day of fun and surprises (the good-kind like price is right good).  We started the day off @ the Codonics picnic.  We got an unlimited pass for putt-putt, bumper boats, and go-karts.  While we (Jenna, Leah, Jackie, Mama Seto, Becka and I) were chillin with the Codonics crew, Alicia and Bill were on a secret covert-ops mission.  They got the cake (Disney Princess cake… of course) and decorated the house.  Becka had planned out a surprise party for Jenna so we can give her a surprise gift.  Alicia and Bill did a GREAT job getting everything together.  The house was all pink-ified with streamers.  We relaxed by the pool while Mama got the grill already for a rib-tastic cookout.  When we got back we stuffed our faces with ribs, wings, lamb, and corn, while we watched Mean Girls.  Apparently Mean Girls to slowly becoming the birthday movie of choice (no complaints over here “I’m a mouse… duh.” hehehee).  The cake lady did an AMAZING job on the Disney Princess cake.  Laughs were had when we played pin the tail on the donkey.  For the record, I won @ pin the tail on the donkey.  Jenna was floored by her surprise gift.  I drew a fake ticket with clues on the envelope.  LOL! Tried to estimate where Mike’s house is in repect to here and NYC.  Hehehee and Yes that was Jenna’s surprise gift.  We’re (Jenna, Bill, Becka, and I) all going to NYC next weekend.  We’ll meet up with Gary and Teresa.  We finished the night of festivities off with some cosmic bowling and fake white russians (aka kahlua and cream).  Congrats go out to Bill who got a turkey with FOUR! STRIKES! WOW! (@_@)


Mmm Ice-cream cake.

-Garvin (^_^)


p.s. I’ve updated the theater with some fun vids.  Check out Jenna’s super grannie roll.  It’s amazingly accurate

Side-story pt3: Bill met the ice-cream girl today (^_^) So everything worked out as planned



Bill's BBQ (aka 3BQ or B^3Q)

Bill BBQ was fun Wahoo!.  There was tons of good food and to top it off we made smores 2x Wahoo!   Nothing like playing volleyball and croquet to make you feel old.  Mike was in town too 3x Wahoo!  It was nice to catch up with him for a bit.  We ended the night early.  Everybody was pooped from work.


Mmmm BBQ. Enjoy the pics

-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Also, fixed Bill's fish magnet (hence the pic ;)


Happy 23rd Birthday Jenna! (Jenna_Visit Album Update)

To start the day off right, we (Becka and I) bought McDonalds Mighty Kids meals for lunch.  We all (Jenna, Becka, Leah, Alicia, and Me) had a fun time @ Jenna's Birthday dinner.  We pigged out at Buca di Beppo.  Luckily our waiter was super-cool and let Alicia get a drink even though she didn't have her id on her.  We had tons of left over.  (Sidenote: the Chocolate cake is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! and HUGE!)  Jenna really liked all of her presents... even the naked men (you'll have to check out the pics)


Enjoy joy the update to the Jenna album (under 2k7_Album)

ug... I’m stuffed

-Garvin (^_^)


Side-story pt2: Got the ice-cream girl to add my house to her route
Need to introduce her to Bill


Micro-update: Cavs in 3D

Micro-update to the Cavs 3D album.

Good time... bad game

-Garvin (^_^)


Relaxin Poolside (Jenna_Visit Album Update)

Wahoo!  Super-Nice day out.  You know what that means… POOL-Time!  We all got to chill @ the pool in our association.  There were tons of kids running around.  The coolest thing about this pool was that they let the kids bring in all kinds of toys.  Never been to a pool where they let you do that.  I’ll have to go pick up and inflatable basketball hoop
  They make them, I saw a kid with one, lucky bastard.  I did manage to get some work done poolside (reference picture with my towel over my head).  We all had a great time relaxin, gettin some sun, swimming, and reading magazines.


Yay for pool-time!

-Garvin (^_^)


Side-story pt1:  Met the ice-cream girl and I have her schedule now Wahooo!  She comes every other day.


Happy Father's Day


Gary, Teresa, Becka, and me will treat Mama and Papa Seto to a Las Vegas Vacation. Dad hasn't taken a vacation since he took Gary and me to Disney World when I was in 3rd grade.

Can't wait... come on 7s (casino-talk)
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes, I did draw a fake ticket for dad.


Game Night (Jenna_Visit Album Update)

Girls (Jenna, Alicia, and Becka) vs. Guys (Bill and Me).  The girls started strong with two crushing wins against the guys in the "Friends Scene It" game.  Jenna's just too darn good at that game.  Then we kicked it old school and played Bill's grandpa's "Trivial Pursuit" from 1981!, so all the questions are innately history questions to begin with
It got late really quickly, but the guys prevented a shutout with a dominating lead of 3 pie slices to 1 pie slice to end the night.  We'll have to finish the game some other night.



-Garvin (^_^)


p.s. From Trivia Pursuit…

Q: Name the Paris airport?

A: Orly Airport.


Jenna's in C-town

Welcome to Cleveland!  Jenna's stayin till July 2nd wahooo!.  We just got Jenna's room all ready and built a little nightstand for her.  Yay! She should be quite cozy in our house.  Made a Jenna_Visit album under 2k7_Ablums, that will be updated regularly with all the mischief that we will undoubtedly get into.


Enjoy the pics

-Garvin (^_^)


Cavs in 3D

Cavs' game 2 in 3D HD. What could be better... oh yeah if they won. hehehee jk. We still had a good time with our funky 3d glasses and rise up towels. Becka and Bill did get their hair sprayed with cavs colors. We did find an r2-d2 mail box outside of the Q (Gund) Arena, now if we only had our light sabers to pose by it.

Go Cavs! enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)




Wahoo! laid down some ground work for a new Digidreamerz tool last week. Bill came over to put some hours in the tool. Of course we ended out code-a-thon with the new Forza 2 game.

code code... zoom zoom...
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. The cool tool will be ready in the summer. Be prepared for your world to be rocked.