Seto Christmas

Yay! It's Christmas time! You know what that means... TONS of family and relaxing. Wahoooo!

Enjoy the Album
-Garvin (^_^)



Training and Becka and Jenna's Annual Christmas Shopping Excursion

Minneapolis, MN ...aka MALL OF AMERICA!!

Dual trip. Part A Training and Part B SHOPPING!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Part A

Training for work in the negative degree weather!! BRRRRR
When I was scoping out the mall for the Shopping Excursion, I met a football player from the Vikings. He has four babies and a trophy wife.

Part B

Jenna and I have done our annual shopping excursions since elementary school. This was going to be the first year it might not work out... boo... so for my christmas present, Garvin gave the gift of the most amazing excursion ever! Jenna and I have dreamed about going to MoA for many many years, and our dream came true! We were even supplied special Vera Bradley bags to help us carry our loot, and it was already equipped with water and a protein snack!! Ready to go!

We had an amazing time at the mall. We saw Kellie Pickles (Pickler) perform,,, she's from American Idol (which I learned hehe). .. And of course we shopped but of course did not drop. (We are professional shoppers). We spent 24hours at the mall and were only there for two days! We rock!

Enjoy the pics,
Love, Becka (and Jenna and Garvin)

p.s. Added the movies to the Theater... enjoy Garvin (^_^)


When Becka's Away... the Stripers come out and play ;)

Wire strippers that is
So Bill found an Xbox360 controller mod (
) and you can prolly figure out the rest of the story
What was supposed to be a one day project to do three controllers, quickly became a weekend long project to do just one. Xbox360 controller + Bill sleeping over two nights + 2 trips to Sears + 2 trips to radio shack = A back-lit Xbox360 controller with semi-working buttons


Enjoy the very blurry pics
-Garvin (^_^)