Back to the STATES

It was SUPER-FUN, but it's good to be back in the STATES! Gary and I had tons of fun running around and taking in the
sites. We pretty much covered everything. Below is a quick outline of what we did and what what we ate. You'll notice we
did a lot of eating... which is another thing both Gary and I are good at too ;) lol. Speaking about food throughout the
outline, I'll tag items with "[FOOD]", seeing how it was a big theme this weekend. Overall Gary and I got a small tasting of
what London as to offer. We hit all the big places pretty quickly. Some of the places you could easily spend more than a
day at.

Enjoy... or what they say in London CHEERS!
-Garvin (^_^)

We did a LOT of walking today. We walk every where. Gary and I bumped into each other in the immigration line. Thank
goodness... cause my cell phone didn't work there. We did some the big touristy attractions.

+ 8 hr flight flight.
+ Met gary in the immigratin line and hit the ground running.
+ Took the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station... kinda like Times Sq. Station in NYC, where you get get too a lot of trains.
Lots of good food to be eaten there (Explained further below).
+ Checked into St. George's Hotel. A little hotel, but it served it's purposes. One bed, one shower, and a tv... what more
can you ask for (notice I did not say air conditioning).
+ [FOOD] @ Cafe Panini. I got a waffle with maple syrup and Gary got a panini sandwich.
+ Buckingham Palace was nice. We tried to stay for the "Changing of the Gaurd", but it got rained out. There was a
torrential downpour, and it seemed like Gary and I were the only ones that didn't bring and umbrella-el-la-el-al (Yeah
listening to Rihanna right now). Getting rained on sure works up and appetite ;) (Oh man that was a good segue).
+ [FOOD] While getting lost (Hey it happens when you wingin it... Especially in a country that you've never been in). We
passed a sushi shop called Wasabi. We each picked up a rice triangle snack with spicy chicken. Mmmm these are the
same ones that I hoard up on when I go in Japan for Codonics.
+ V and A (Victoria and Albert) Museum: In short it's like of the Smithsonian, but with TONS of ART. The place was very
cool and free. You can easily spend more than a full day there, just looking at the pieces that you wanted to see.
+ [FOOD] The cafeteria to the V and A, was equally spectacular. We had Honey salmon, chips and coke. Sidenote: Looks
like Coka-Cola owns all of London.
+ Harrods was Nordstroms, but for very very rich people. OMG! All the super name brands that you read about (for those
who read fashion mags) are all out and displayed like in a regular mall. We saw A pair of socks that was $30 (US).
+ [FOOD] Of course rich people get hungry too. They had a AMAZING food market. Typically, travel books will show the
market, because it's so lavish. Gary and I bought some tastey food curry samosas, and a duck srping roll. Sidenote:
Need to tell Dad about our findings. Mmmm-Good.
+ Walked to Hyde Park: Saw the Princess Dian Memorial fountain. The fountain was cool. It was a circular ring of water that
flowed down hill.
+ [FOOD] Apple juice and OJ was needed from all the walking... looking back at it we should have prolly had water as well.
+ Big Ben: Not much, but a large clock tower. We heard it chime.
+ British Airways Millennium Eye: loooooong line for it, so we fast passed it (Disney-style). And by fast pass, I mean we
paid double to jump the line. Paying twice as much for everything became an obvious for the week. Some part was
due to the fact the US dollar is getting its butt kicked.
+ McDonald's has fish sticks here oooooooo.
+ [FOOD] The Pasty Shop: After much searching for din din , we settled for some meat pies around Victoria Station. They
were extra tasty.
+ [FOOD] Still a bit hungry after our gigantic meat pies, we went to Wasabi in Victoria Station to get individually wrapped sushi.

We hit the markets today. We saw a lot of cool stuff and did a lot of shopping.

+ [FOOD] B-fast of champs Latte with a croissant.
+ Spitalfields Market and other un-named-shady markets: On our way to Spitalfields Market, we ran into another market.
This had a lot of cheap knock off stuff. Did some good souvenir shopping there ;) Once we got to Spitalfailds, we saw a
lot of cools stuff. It was exactly how our books described it. It is an open Market with a lot of designers selling one of a
kind kick-nacks and wheres.
+ Bricklane and even more of a shadier market: Right after Spatalfields we went to Bricklane, which was know for all their
street vendors. The shady part comes from when we went towards the end it became obvious that these people were
selling stolen stuff, for example, a guy was not only selling a suit case and clothes, but even the shampoo and soap.
+ [FOOD] Canteen: A high recommended place from our books, and now we know why. The food was fresh and really
really good. We had roast duck, and fish and chips and roast duck.
+ [FOOD] BIG meat on a stick. On our way to one of the markets, we saw a long (4.5 feet) skewer that was roasting a hug
pig. When I took a picture of the of it, they gave us a sampler for our interest.
+ [FOOD] Kansars Indian Food: We had to have curry, considering that Lodon is known to have a huge Indian population.
We ate curry chicken, curry samosas, garlic nan and rice. Of course it was good.
+ Tower of London: We did a quick walk around. I like the Traitor's Gate. Next time we might go inside of it ;)
+ Tower Bridge: What we see in more London postcards.
+ London Bridge: not as cool as the Tower Bridge, as Gary called it "Disappointment #2". Sidenote: Disappointment #1
was something that happened when he was on business.
+ Chinatown: More shopping of course. There is a lot of food to be eaten there. Chinatown is right smack in the middle of
London's theater district. We ended up finding a multi-story arcade..... of course in Chinatown ;) Got played to Mario cart.
We found a Royal Dragon in London. Sidenote: Royal Dragon was the name of one our parents restaurants.
+ [FOOD] Random Chinese restaurant (sorry don't remember the name): We had shark fin soup with crab meat, peking
duck, sweet and sour sour ribs (which Gary ordered in Chinese... insta-street-cred), and fried eel with chili and salt. Yum!

+ [FOOD] Starbucks b-fast. We had a lot of writing ahead of us.
+ Post Office: We sent over 20 postcards. The ones that I wrote are prolly ALL illegible.
+ Tate Museum: Was interesting... Gary and I started at the wrong exhibit. Instead of working up to the weird-borderline-
masochistic stuff we walked right into the hardcore stuff. I've seen some hard stuff before, but that stuff took the cake. Of
course, Gary and I ran outta that exhibit real quick. The other exhibits were really cool. The had some pieces that I've only
seen in books before.
+ [FOOD] Vanilla and honey smoothe
+ St. Paul Cathedral: Very decked out. Did a quick walk by for it.
+ [FOOD] Moshi Moshi Sushi: This was a conveyor-belt sushi joint. Seeing how Gary and I missed a conveyor-belt place in
Japan, We had to do it. It was fun collecting up all the dishes.
+ Comic book store: What do nerds do on vacation... you guessed it go to the comic book store. lol. We ran into it on
accident on the way to the British Museum. The good thing was they had a comic that I've been trying to find for the pass 2
months. Yay London.
+ British Museum: The building was cool but very confusing. It's easy to get lost in the building. Gary and I hit some of the
bigger highlights, like the Rosetta Stone.
+ [FOOD]: Water and chocolate mousse.
+ Hamleys: It's a huge toy store, much like FAO Shwartz in NYC.
+ [FOOD]: Went to McDonald's to plan our next move, so we had a cheese burger and an apple pie. Apparently in Europe,
McDonald's deep fries their apple pies. This makes it more crispity and tasty, than what we do in the STATES.
+ [FOOD]: Dog and Duck: We had to hit up a pub while in London. This was on a list of top 10 pubs to visit.
+ Now what do 2 Chinese kids do after a pub... you guessed it back to the huge arcade in China town to lay down some
records on machines. We played some super-fun arcade games. There's one where you need to pound on the screen with
a hammer.... great stress reliever. In the hammer game, we got some #1 rankings in some of the sub-games. Over all we
got 2nd place.
+ Crystal Rooms: Not done with spending money we hit the casino... conveniently located very close to Chinatown.
+ [FOOD] Pig's Ear: Yet another pub, but with really really good food. The book recommends reservations. We came late,
but luckily they gave us a table. Gary had Beef belly salad, and the rib eye. I had a spicy crab salad, and pork tenderloin.
For desert, we had some ice cream. Should have took more pics, but it was too dark and I didn't want the flash to be going
off. Oh well, next time.
+ Pack like crazy and try to get 4-5 hours of sleep.

Woke up at 6am (London-time... which was 1am EST). Checked out super quickly and headed for the Gatwick Express.
Gary's Delta line was nuts. Didn't know that Delta was huge in London. Luckily for Gary he's a Silver/Maroon member, so
he got to check in the business elite section. If Gary didn't he would have come close to missing his flight. My check in was
super easy. They even made it super easy for me cause I was flying business class. We ate at a place called "Eat.". We
had English muffins stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. After I walked Gary to his gate, I headed off to my
gate. Of course they had to search me. I felt a bit bad for the guy, cause my bag was super messy. I must have had +10
cables crammed in my rolly bag. I did get to board first because of business class, which was nice. It was nice to have
enough leg room to stretch out. The next to me was free, so I sprawled my tech across to first class seats. The food was
good. I made sure to take pics of the menu. They even had a dessert sunday. Mmmmm. 'm working on this blog as I fly
back to Cleveland. It'll be interesting to see if I can make my 3 o'clock meeting. Yes, I'm going in to work today.