Pittsburgh Anniversary

Off by a couple months.... ok... ok... 4 months to be exact. I've been pretty swamped at work. With the end of the year
looming, we had to make our yearly trek. I finally had a free weekend to do a quick road trip.... Sooooo Becka and I
quickly booked it to Pittsburgh before something else came up. It was a good road trip. Only one hiccup... where 4
lanes got squeezed down to 1, which added 30 minutes to the trip. Lucky, we left super-early.

The food of course was AWESOME! Becka had ahi tuna sashimi style. I had a jumbo tiger prawn, stuffed with lobster,
and wrapped in bacon! Mmmmmmm! And to top it off they had StarBucks coffee.

Happy Anniversary!
-Garvin (^_^)