HI Gang. I know, I know, I've really slipped up on the updates. Work has really picked up and with a whole slew of BDays
coming around the corner, I've decided to bite the bullet and bunker down to hammer out this UPDATE-TACULAR! To
explain the title, for those who don't play Halo3... enjoy the link.

This is the largest update to Digidreamerz. Over 10 Albums! and over 500 new pictures!
I'll try not to let the updates slip too late.

My bad. Enjoy the pics!
-Garvin (^_^);

Updated Album List:
House: Added a few extra pics
Codonics: Added a few more dry eraser board sketches

Added Album List:
+ [08-09-2008] Moto Class: Alicia, Becka, and I strapped it up to take the Ohio Motorcycle class.
+ [08-09-2008] Mama BDay: Had fun @ Maggiano's. Lots of Fam + Lots of Family = Good times
+ [08-14-2008] The Feast: Sooo much food soooooo little time. Love spicy Italian sausage.
+ [08-17-2008] Mike Indians Game: Good time and FINALLY got to give Mike his BDay presents.
+ [08-23-2008] Rochester Move It: Lots of Work... Lots of fun... Lots of pictures.

+ [09-14-2008]
Browns Steelers Game:
Monsoon + Browns Steelers games = Lots of Fun.
+ [09-19-2008] Bill Cookout: Big fire... s'mores... yum.
+ [09-20-2008] Case Visit: Hung posters for co-ops.
+ [09-20-2008] Put-In-Bay: Good day... perfect weather... ran around like kids.
+ [09-27-2008] Mike EST Party: Mike is finally back in the EST time to PARTY! GL Brewery, Dave and Busters, and lots of food