Becka Surprise BDay DC Road-Trip

Yay! Good Road trip. A part of Becka's birthday present was that I surprised her with a mystery road trip. It took her a bit
to figure out where we were. The present was to go to Washington DC and see the new Ocean Hall in the Smithsonian,
that just opened a month ago. The Smithsonian is my favorite thing about DC. You can nerd out there and spend DAYS
in each museum.

The running theme for the trip was "winging it", since it was hard to judge just how much time we would be spending at
each place. We left for DC on Friday around 10pm and rolled into the hotel around 4am-ish. We spent pretty much the
entire Saturday geeking around the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. The newly added Ocean Hall was AMAZING.
They did a real good job with it. We also made sure to check out the Hope Diamond too. After they kicked us out of the
Smithsonian, we hiked it to the Washington Monument and then the Lincoln Memorial.

In keeping with our theme, we walked back to the hotel looking for a good place to eat. We found McCormick & Schmick,
which oddly enough was a place I was going to make a reservation for. Dinner was great! The food was super-tastey and
we had an awesome waiter. He was definitely not B-Team... in fact... not even A-Team... more like All-Star-Hall-of-Fame
Team. Later out waiter found outit was Becka's birthday and didn't charge us for dessert.

Sunday was fun too. The day before, I had found out that twice a year the White House opens it's garden to the public.
After we got pass security we got to see all the trees that the presidents planted. We made sure to grab some pics by the
rose garden. It was pretty cool to get sooo close to the White House. After the garden tour, we zipped through a few more
museums to check out there gift stores. We made sure to shove off in the afternoon, so that we didn't get back too late.

On the way back home, we stopped off at a Prime Outlets, did some quick shopping, and grabbed some grub. When we
dropped Bill off in PA, his dad got the jump on us in a hairy-ghouly costume.

Happy Birthday Becka! Enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Will definitely need to go back for the Cherry Blossom Festival.
p.p.s. A special thanks goes out to Starbucks for keeping me awake.