Gary BDay Surprise!

We had a great time surprising Gary this weekend. Teresa got the ball rolling in it. The road trip started off on a good note.
The cheapest gas was $1.96/gallon. That's AWESOME! Becka and I drove to C-Bus and we carpooled it with Joe and Lisa
to Cincinnati. We tried to surprise Gary with Tom-Tom at the front door... only to find that Teresa opened the door and Gary
was sleeping HAHAHAA. He had tons of fun celebrating Gary and Teresa's BDays. We played Boggle and other board
games. And what Seto gather doesn't have TONS of food. We went to great tapas place for dinner. I still haven't stopped
thinking about the ox tail with foie gras. Gary had to roll to Jacksonville Sunday afternoon, so we had to call it short after

We mad sure to stop off at the outlet mall on the way back home. The Coach store was BANANAS! There were soooooo
many people. Almost everything was 50% off. The best deal were the polo shirts @ Aeropostale for 99 cents!?!?!

Enjoy the fun and tasty pics
-Garvin (^_^)