Back from Disney

A vacation is what the doctor ordered. It was great just relaxing and running around like a big kid. If I blogged about
everything we did I wouldn't be able to update the site in a timely manner, sooo below is a quick summary of each day.

Vacation Summary:

Sat: Woke up super-early to catch our flight. After we landed, we hit the town and went shopping for supplies (juice, cereal,
sun block, ...). We chilled the night away at Downtown Disney, while Teresa and Gary went to a wedding.
Sun: Went to Animal Kingdom. They actually added a lot of stuff there. You could spend an entire day there now. The big
things were, the Nemo Musical, Ants 4-d movie, and Everest. Boma was pretty good, for a buffet.
Mon: Monday was super-fun. Epcot is my favorite park. you can nerd out there. We got our own dinners from around the
world. Never had enough time to hit everything. The fireworks show was good.
Tues: Free-day #001 We all opted to visit Coco Beach to chill out. Teresa, Gary, Becka, and I signed up for some surfing
lessons from Ron Jon's. In the process, we lost my new Garvin-Proof camera to the ocean. R.I.P. new digi-cam. The kick
in the pants was that I didn't even pull off the pics yet... soo we're missing pics from Sat. to Tues. :( oh well that's life. Teresa
and Gary left early to go swimming with dolphins. While we stayed later and Leah met up with a friend. We met up to hit the
clubs at Downtown Disney.
Wed: Free-day #002 We decided to try to knock somethings off at Magic Kingdom on out second free day. We didn't think
we could finish off everything in just one day. We left early to go get dressed up for our fancy din-din at the Contemporary
hotel. The hotel was amazing. They even had a balcony were people could see the fireworks. They even took it a step
further and synced the music from the park and played it in the restaurant. The food was very very TASTEY!
Thurs: Thursday was the marathon day. Funny-side story... I won a Disney Magic Moment Trivia certificate for answering a
question in a gift store. Jenna helped out by mentioned something about the pig in Toy Story being called ham. The
challenge was they girl asked me for his full name.. and I luckily guessed HAMptom. We were hopping that I had won a
DREAM, but no. I'll explain the DREAM later. We finished Magic kingdom in the afternoon and headed to Epcot for dinner.
The fish and chips from England were Super-Tastey. We headed back to Magic to catch the special July 4th fireworks and
the Light show parade.
Fri: Happy Independence Day! 4th of July... Hollywood Studios (AKA MGM Studios) was crazy. There was a new ride, Toy
Story Mania, that ALL the fast passes were sold out before noon and the line to wait was longer than 90 minutes. The new
ride just opened 3 weeks ago. The new show "Lights, Motors, Action", was awesome. Matt said they burn through a set of
tires in 2 shows and they have special custom cars with 4 gears for reverse for some of their stunts. We still had tons of fun.
The animation studio was great. We did it twice in a row. FINALLY WON A DREAM! What is a DREAM you may ask... well
Disney is running a sweepstakes called "A Year of a Million Dreams", where they giveaway a million random prizes
throughout the year. We've been watching people win DREAMS all week. They range from cruises to fast passes. It was
our goal the entire week to win a dream. We had no suck luck the entire week. As we cut across Hollywood Studios talking
about where it would be best to watch the fireworks, I noticed a a couple Disney workers were walking our direction so I said
really loudly "I wish we could ask someone about that." Of course, they bit and wanted to help out. Not only did they help
out, but GAVE us a DREAM by giving us a hand full of fast passes to the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Wahoo we got to check
that off our list. It wasn't a cruise or a shopping extravaganza, but we still got a DREAM. After using our DREAM we noticed
that people were camping out 3 hours in advance for the Fantasmic show. There were people sleeping at the gates ot the
theater. We had decided to camp out between the main street and the theater. The Independence Day fireworks were the
best fire works that I've seen. WOW!
Sat: We were Super-fortunate to be able to cross almost everything off out list even the DREAM, except for riding the Toy
Story Mania ride :( All the guys woke up early to go stand in line before Hollywood Studios to opened. This would
guaranteed us a spot to ride/play Toy Story Mania. We showed up almost an hour early and there were people already
there. Apparently we weren't the only ones with that plan. There were a few people in the very front waiting to sprint to Toy
Story Mania. The ride was AMAZING! It was a mix between, a 4-d movie, and an arcade shooter. We played it and
busted out. When we left the ride, the queue was already full... OMG! We had din din at the airport and said our good
byes. Adios Disney (Y_Y)...

Enjoy ALL the pics. At last count there are over 600 pics. Can't wait for next time.
-Garvin (^_^)