Sep 2006

Kim Wedding

Joe and Lisa's wedding was AMAZING. Everybody had a great time. I think the best part was when Lisa sucker-punched Joe in the face with cake soooo hard most of it lodge in his nose (and yes there's a pic smiley_wink.


Update-A-Palooza part duex

Another Huge Update-A-Palooza... 10 new Albums! and (you may not notice but) a new site.

Codonics Invades Japan

Team U.S.A. Wahooo!!!

Sunday Highlights (Pre-Game):
+ Team U.S.A. has landed.
+ The first Virtua made it to the hotel.  The second Virtua is still M.I.A.  Seeing how Monday is a Japanese holiday, it will probably arrive Tuesday.
+ Thanks God I sent a Virtua out one day earlier.

Monday (Pre-Season):

+ Go to Codonics Japan and get everything ready for Medasys tomorrow.
+ Send a couple Japanese Studies to make sure everything is working.
+ Get real Japanese Disclaimer for SmartDrive from Hayama-san.
+ Begin Hayama-san crash course in all things i18n.
+ Walked through Akihabara (know for their techo bling and arcades).
+ Walked through Ginza (know for their expense shops).

Tuesday (09-19) (1st Quarter)
+ Medasys 10:30 {Test, and get final Japanese Viewer}
+ 6 Hour Road Trip outside of Tokyo
+ Move to Aich Hotel Anjyo (Wahooo it has INTERNET!)

Wednesday (09-20)  (2nd Quarter)
+ Codnics Road Show is at full steam!!! chuu chuuuuu
+ Okazaki Citizen Hospital 11:00
+ Okozaki Ichikoi Hospital 14:00
+ Toyota Medical Hospital 16:00
+ Back to Tokyo (by Train)

Thursday (09-21)  (3rd Quarter)

+ Two more hospitals.
+ Got to receive real images. YES!!! REAL DATA!!!
+ Get CRUNK and celebrate.... (^_^)

Friday (09-22) (4th Quarter)

+ Lost my Passport :-\
+ Wrap up with Hayama-san (crash course in s/w)
+ Alan leaves 11:00am

+ Visit Asakusa Temple

Saturday (09-22) (Homecoming)
+ Leave Japan @ 11:00am


It's always fun to travel abroad to experience other cultures, eat good food, and realize just what we take for granted everyday.
enjoy the album
-Garvin (^_^)

New Family Album

YAY! Just added the Tam Family Album.

Enjoy the pics
-Grrvin (^_^)

Alicia Visit

Skee Ball and Put Put (Miniature Golf for some people) what more can you ask for in a day. smiley_smile


-Garvin (^_^)

Cleveland Air Show

To be filled out by Bill


Meet the Parents

To be filled out by Sofiya or Mike.


Joe's Bachelor's Party

Joe's Bachelor's Party... mmmm I really can't talk too much about it... HAHAHAAA! Just kidding. The weekend went by super-fast. I won tons of $$$. Gary won some money. Joe won... errrr... um... well at least he got free drinks when he gambled. Pretty much we gambled a lot and ate tons of food. Enjoy the pics


-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. My camera died at the beginning of the trip. I will update the album with more pics when I get them from Gary.