Nov 2007

RSNA: It's that time of the year again.

Full steam ahead. It always comes a LOT sooner than you expect. Especially this year, with all our
super-last minute changes. There was a lot of running around and eating very good food. RSNA went
really well. All the new stuff went over really well. A lot of people are psyched about Codonics this year.
You know what that means lots and lots of work for 2k8.

Enjoy the fun filled pics.
-Garvin (^_^)


Happy Thanksgiving

Mmmmm Thanksgiving! Lots of Family and food. Would you believe I didn't do any Codonics work on
Thanksgiving?!?!?! Granted I worked till 4:30am that day, but I was intent on not working on

Gooble Gooble. Enjoy the mouth-watering-super-tastey pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

Side-Note: Believe it or not I was packed early for RSNA!


Happy Birthday Stephen!

Wahoo! Stephen from Codnoics turns 25 today. It's all down hill from here. I know from experience. Hahahaa

enjoy the Codonics Album update
-Garvin (^_^)

Note to self: Stephen is 25 now Winking


Mini-Updates: Halloween, House, Codonics, and Japan

Oopsies... Mini update to a couple albums.

-Grrvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes.. that is a ColdStone in JAPAN! Ooo I was sooo happy (Y_Y).


[Live_Blog_#019] Cleveland or Bust

Off to the airport. I'll see everybody soon. Will make a quick stop in Houston and pick up some tastey
BBQ, then back to lovely C-town.

Part of me is sad to leave such a beautiful country with very very nice people, and tastey food. But the
other part of me will be happy sleeping in my own bed, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Peace out... See you when I see you
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] sayonara ::good bye::


[Live_Blog_#018] Wingman wa doko des ka? November/12 Mon/2007 Filed in:

Yep that's right I threw up a pop quiz in the title today Winking For those who failed... I'm flying solo today.
Steve went home on Friday.

Thankfully, everything worked out. We got a lot of useful data and they were quite impressed/worried
(looong story). After I banged-out my last wrap up email from Japan, Hirozawa-san took me out to
dinner. We went Lawry's Prime Rib. The food was tasty. It should last me alll the way back to the States.

Will grab a quick nap before my late meeting tonight. Kickoff is @ 11pm and sould last till 2am (Japan
time). Eh... at least this will make going to sleep on the plane that much easier.

See you real soon
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Oyasumi nasai ::Good Night::


[Live_Blog_#017] When in Rome... Do what the Romans do...

Well... I've got a lot of change to burn off before I leave to Japan... soooo off to Akihabara to shop and play
video games. I Got to play a lot of new games that we'll never see in the States. One cool thing is that they
have table top collectible card video games. So the machine has a table and you put your cards on the
table and it'll read what cards you have and where they are on the field. When the game starts, you need
move around you cards to do certain tasks and attacks. It's really cool.

I dropped off the loot and walked to Chiyoda (yes yes "Yoda"). It is were the Imperial Palace. Never been
there before so I figured I would be cool to go. On the way there I ran into a flee market thingy, which was
pretty cool. By the time I got to the park it was pretty much dark. Hopefully all the pics aren't too blurry.

I figured I would take it easy tomorrow. I should be well rested for tomorrow's connectivity test. Hopefully,
we get a lot of useful data. At last count, I need to write +20 postcards, so I might as well take a chip out of
it tonight.

Enjoy the pics

[Japanese Lesson] Pasupoto ::Passport::


[Live_Blog_#016] Weekend = time to catch up on work and some fun.

Ahhh it's the weekend. Nothing like taking it easy. Saturday was great. Got to sleep in for an extra hour,
then off to Asakusa to get my shop on and chill. Asakusa is my favorite place in Japan... yes even better
than Akihabara Winking There's little tents selling all kinds of nicknacks and snacks. My brother Gary and I
found this place the first time we came here and I always make it a point to come every time I'm on this
side of the globe. Too bad Steve and I didn't have time go here when he was here.

After I dropped off all my loot from Asakusa, I had a tasty lunch at the hotel. Next on the agenda was to
camp out at the CJ (Codonics Japan) office and catch up on emails and poke around with the Virtua.
Soon it was dark and I decided to walk back to my hotel so I can check out the Harley Davidson shop.
Wow apparently everything in there was all Tokyo exclusive items... so everything was extra expensive.

When I got back to my hotel room I found the CAVS game on. Wahoo! I caught the last quarter and
worked on the web site. Next I grabbed some spicy curry chicken and hiked it to Roppongi. It is known
for being the new hip area with a lot of American clubs and such. Of course I didn't go to any clubs, but
I did find my way in to an arcade where I can start getting rid of all my change. My accomplishment for
the day was getting the stuffed Stich from the claw machines. A lot of Japanese arcades are half video
games and the other half are claw games. Most of the prizes from the claw games are collectible things.
Well that pretty much sums up today in a nut shell. Boy are my legs pooped... did a lot of walking today.

Jam-Packed Day... Lots of stuff crossed off my list.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Tomare! ::Stop it!::


Blog catch up (>_<)

Yeah... can you guess I've been busy. Oh well... @ least I've been keeping track of everything on my
laptop, just haven't had time to update the main site yet.

-Grrvin (^_^)

[Live_Blog_#015] Friday round up: Mini-demo, Keio round 2 demo, and more food

Wahoo! Both the mini-demo and Keio demo went smooth today. The LOVED everything @ Tokyo Metro
and want to test the final product ASAP. Round 2 of Keio was good too. Hayama-san and I went to Keio
this time around and we got everything to work. We also found a glitch in the GE pacs that had. The GE
field engineer fixed it in a couple hours.

To celebrate, Hayama-san took me out to Chinese food. We had tons of food. Surprisingly, it was real
Chinese food with a hint of some Japanese influence. Yum! I had a good time.

Sidenote: The CJ office LOVES Chinese food. When ever they get the opportunity to go they'll go.

Wahoo! the weekend is coming.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Fire! ::Kaji da!::


[Live_Blog_#014] Codonics Key = More Work Done

Well... what do you know the same applies for the CJ office. I now have a CJ office key, so I can get in
and do work on the weekend. Ehhh.... at least I won't be running around all over the place like on the
week days and I'll be able to wear my snap pants and Lebron jersey hehehee.

Can't wait to go home and sleep.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Hospital ::byoin::


[Live_Blog_#013] "Change of plans"...

Yep yep... the theme for the trip strikes again. Last minute demo for Tokyo Metro, right before Steve,
Mike, and Gary E. leave.

Gotta run
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Eigo no menyu arimasu ka? :Laugho you have an English menu?::


[Live_Blog_#012] Korean BBQ in Japan?!?! eh why not..

Mmmmm I heart food. The Korean BBQ rocked. I'm may come back by myself this weekend if I've got
time. We got 5 plates of different raw meat and cooked it up. Our corner of the restaurant was all smokey.
You'll notice all the smoke when you see the pics. We even got to put on bids so we mess up our clothes.
Of course I broke mine half way through. hahahaa but I did manage to keep pretty clean.

Can't wait for the weekend so I can take a breather and catch up on my other work. Note to self: will need
a Virtua in my hotel room again (ahhh flashbacks from last year). Friday should be go smooth assume the
Keio thing goes better.

Enjoy the smokey pictures.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Kore wa doyatte tabemasu ka? ::How do I eat this?::


[Live_Blog_#011] Looong day... need sushi

Uggg... It stinks when things don't go according to plan.

Quick Summary:
+ The demo didn't work completely.
+ Gary bled on my notes.
+ Was standing on a hard server room floor for over 3 hours.. and boy were my back and feet feeling it.

Any who... going to go back tomorrow without Gary and see if we can do it right next time around. Steve
and I were beat and hungry, so we went to go get some sushi. Mizukami-san took us to a place that had
one of those sushi conveyer-belts. It was awesome, just how I've dreamed of it. For those who aren't in
the know, you just grab the plates as the pass by. Anything you like just take it. The pricing is done per
plate based on the color. Once you're done the waitress will and count up your plates. The unagi (eel)
was very very good. mmmmmmm.

After a long day a good lunch goes a long way
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Tasukete ::Help!::


[Live_Blog_#010] Gone in 60 seconds...

Sooo... I woke up today and decided to take it easy, because we weren't leaving till 9PM. So I when to
breakfast in my running pants and my Keefe-a-nator shirt. That's until I met Gary K. in the morning for
breakfast. The first words out of his mouth "Change of plans..." which is apparently been the theme of
the Japan trip (referencing all the times we changes flights and hotel reservations). He pretty much said
he was busting out as soon as he finishes breakfast. Sooo I pretty much stuffed all my food in my mouth
and ran outta there. I had to shave and change at the same time. I even put on my tie while riding the
elevator. Gary likes to keep you on your toes.

mini-demo time...
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Gomen-nasai ::I'm sorry::

[Live_Blog_#009] Eat... Drink... Be merry...

Oh boy did we eat yesterday. I'm still full from last night (@_@) We went to a place called Gonpachi.
It's pretty much a Japanese tapas restaurant, where they make their own soba noodles (Mmmmm). You
order a lot of little dishes.

Time for some sleep... mini-demo tomorrow.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] oishii ::delicious::


[Live_Blog_#008] Japan Demo: Success!

WOW! I almost passed out during the demo. Everything went according to plan. Our dry run this
morning was a bit shaky, but when it was time to put up or shut up we brought it home. Hayama-san
did a GREAT! job at driving the demo. The meeting was supposed to go for only one hour, but the main
Fuji guy liked it so much he stayed for 2 hours.

Dinner will be good. 1) Hayama-san and I didn't eat lunch... too busy running around. 2) The restaurant
is supposed to have really really good food. 3) They filmed the big fight scene from Kill Bill there.

It should be much easier with the demo out of the way. Can't wait for the weekend to take a breather,
and to hit up the arcades Happy I'm taking a lot of pictures now. The album will be brimming with tons O

Follow-up meeting time
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes. It does hurt to look this good. Hahahaa jk.

[Japanese Lesson] i-meru ::e-mail::


[Live_Blog_#007] ?Donde esta Akihabara?

Was too tired yesterday to put up this post when we got back, but now is better than never.

Steve and I decided to bust over to Akihabara and check out all the cool gadgets and gizmos. I've been
there before, but didn't remember just exactly how I got there. The fun part was we did what I usually do...
wonder aimlessly until I get there. Armed with a 4 year old map that I used when I vacationed here a long
time ago, Steve and I were able to ride the subway to the JR train, and then take the JR train to Akihabara.
I still think there's a quicker more direct way, but I'll fool around with that over the weekend, where I have
tons of time to get lost.

Wednesday morning will be our first/last live run of the demo tomorrow with Gary K. Then we'll need to box
everything and head off to Fuji. Ok going for a quick run to relax.

Game-Time Yo! Keep your fingers crossed.
-Garvin (^_^);

Pump-up theme song for today: Eye of the tiger.

[Japanese Lesson] Amerika jin desu ::I'm American::
[Japanese Pronunciation Key] (Should have put that on the first post... hehehee)
Japanese vowel sounds:
a = ah as in “father”
i = ee as in “feed”
u = oo as in “goose”
e = eh as in “let” or ay in “say”
o = o as in “gold”


[Live_Blog_#006] Locked and Loaded.

Last full day before the Fuji demo ::GULP:: Everything is going well. Hayama-san has been drilling
through the test cases over and over. He'll definitely be ready to bring it home tomorrow.

Hirozowa-san decided to test my Japanese today with "Tonkatsu". I passed with flying colors Winking I think I
caught him off guard too hahaa. See below Japanese lesson for the answer. We had very tasty tonkatsu.

It rained all night yesterday so the weather has been cool and crisp. It made for todays morning run
very very nice. No pics from the run, I figure I would go light today. Believe it or not the Browns made
headlines in Japan?!?!?! I thought I was hallucinating after my run when I say the article. Steven and I
were successful ordering @ Starbucks this morning.

Almost game time.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] tonkatsu ::fried pork cutlet::


[Live_Blog_#005] T minus 1 day before big demo.

Well, today was pretty positive. Ran into a couple speed bump, but Steve and I got over them. We tore
into the main conference room, and set up base camp. We had 3 latops, 2 disc importers, 2 large lcd
screens, and 1 Virtua XR. I think we have the warm and fuzzy we need for the Fuji demo, now that we got
over the speed bumps. Now what's left is to Hayama-san drill over and over the demo until he has the
whole thing memorized.

Wahoo! Go Codonics!
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] biru ::beer::


[Live_Blog_#004] See Garvin Run. Run Garvin Run.

Usually I like to run in morning when I'm in a different city, just to situated and figure out where everything
is. Not much has changed since last year. I did notice a new Starbucks and they redid a park.

So what's up with the pics with the fingers pointing in a specific direction, you may ask. Well I took pics of
landmarks when I ran so I wouldn't get lost this time. Hahaaa. I still don't think Alan knows I got lost in
Japan for an hour last year and barely made it back to the hotel to meet up with him.

Ok time to shower and get ready.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Got to bust out "Starbucks wa doko des ka?"... if you don't know what that means you haven't been
paying attention to your Japanese lessons.

[Japanese Lesson] Kore wa ikura des ka? ::How much is this?::


[Live_Blog_#003] (>_<) What time is it?.. Can't sleep.

The time diff between Ohio and Japan is 14 hours. It's 11:50PM in Tokyo and I can't sleep... doh. I
passed out @ 5PM Japan-time (3AM Ohio-time) and I might have slept through Steve M. knocking at my
door. Oopsies. I was supposed to wake up @ 7PM to grab a little snack, but I just passed out and woke
up know. Hope he's not starving.

Sooo any who... getting here was a trip (pun intended).
4AM-Saturday (Ohio time) Wake up. Get everything together.
6AM (OH) Leave for Newark.
11:10AM (OH) Leave for Tokyo-Narita
2:20PM-Sunday (Tokyo Japan time) Arrive
3:10PM (JP) Catch bus to Tokyo Prince Hotel
5:00PM (JP) Check into hotel
5:10PM (JP) Passout
Grand Total of traveling 23 hours and some change... Thanks goodness I love to travel. hahaha

Ok... going for a walk to burn off some energy
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. I ending up beating the computer in Chess before we landed.. BOO-YAH! (^_^)

[Japanese Lesson] Sumimasen ::Sorry:: (oh yeah goin to use this puppy a LOT)


[Live_Blog_#002] Are we there yet?!?!

Ok. 45% there. Around Alaska. I've watched Transformers two and a half times now (Sidenote: It's
WAY better on HD-DVD than a 5 inch screen). The cool thing is that the plane is fairly new so each
headrest has a little screen and a remote control that doubles over as a joystick for video games. The
games aren't that cool. I think I wrote better stuff back in high school with my ti-82 (that's right I brought it
there). the only game that requires thought is Chess, which I'm getting owned Sad

The only bad part so far is they tell you how much time is left on your flight. What's bad about it, is that
when I think an hour or so has passed... it's only been 20 minutes. Still trying to pass the time as best I
can. Will need to buy a new toy for the trip back... hmmmm I wonder if I could expense it? hahahaa jk

ok 8 more hours to go.
-Garvin (^_^)

[Japanese_Lesson] Watashi no namae wa Garvin des. ::My name is Garvin.::


[Live_Blog_#001] Japan Trip begins...

Codonics Invades Japan...Wahoo! We'll see how the live blogging goes. I'll try to update at least every
other day (assuming I have internet and time).

I was all packed up a week ago Winking Now I'm just chilling in the Newark-Liberty International Airport right
now. I'm waiting for hook up with Steve M. @ our gate. The flight from Cleveland was pretty tame. It
was quite and I slept after I finished the sudoko puzzle in the Continental magazine. I may need to hit
up Starbucks before we shove off.

The flight to Tokyo will be a little more interesting... and by interesting I mean crammed-into-a-jumbo-
jet-for-over-13-hours-the-seats-are-too-small kind of interesting. Some of us don't have the luxury of
First class (::Cough Cough:: Gary Keefe). This will be my 3rd time going to Japan, so I'm used to the
flight now. Can't wait for them to wake us up for our Cup-o-Noodle... mmmmmm.

Oh.. yeah. I didn't get time to tell everybody, but my stay got extended by a couple of days. Now I'm
staying from Saturday Nov. 3rd to Tuesday the 13th. Wed Yeah I'll be missing 2 Chinese classes,
hopefully Becka, Bill, and Mama take really good notes.

Ok. powering down... enjoy the pics. and see you when I get back.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. The pics are not in 2k7_Photo_Album -> Codonics
They are in 2k7_Photo_Album -> November -> Codonics Japan Trip

[Japanese_Lesson] Starbucks wa doko des ka? ::Where is Starbucks?::


Japan Trip

Codnics Invades Japan again. I hope Gary remembers his passport again. I've created the album and
will try to drop new pictures in it while I'm in Japan.

Wish me luck... Peace out.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes. I know... I posted this earlier than the 2nd Winking