Nov 2006


Lots of Family and Lots Food! What more can you ask for? Everybody had a Great time this year. Mama Shaffer came all the way from Yuma , AZ and Leah came from Rochester,NY. Can't wait for next year.


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Emergence Day: Gears of War. We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

Ok for those who don't know. Emergence Day was a 24-hour Gears of war tournament. To sum it all up... out of 55,000+ Bill ranked 108 and I was 237.

Quick Highlights:
+ Waking up @ 3:15am to start playing the tourney.
+ Bill took down an entire team of 4 by himself in "War Machine".
+ I took down an entire team of 4 with a chainsaw in "GridLock".
+ The reactions we got for taking them down single handedly.
+ Bill and I revived each other 10 times a piece in a match.
+ Super-Ultra-Spidey-Sense... Whenever Bill and I were forced on different teams, we would tell each other where our teammates were when we died, thus giving us easy kills cause we knew where they were hiding.
+ Running straight through the sniper tower in "GridLock" passing all the bad guys.
+ Bill not being able to head shot a downed guy @ point blank range and hearing people laugh @ him off my screen.

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-Garvin (^_^)

New House Pics... Kinda...

New house pics album "2K6_House_Part2"... Mostly TV pics right now but it'll fill up with other house pics soon smiley_wink


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