May 2008

Impromptu Pens Cookout

Wow what a day this turned out to be. What was supposed to be a get together and watch the Pens game, turned out to
be a chill-drink-beer-in-front-of-the-house-pray-for-electricity-bbq. Sooo to start our day the power went out we Alicia and
Bill came over. Since we had plenty of time, we all decided to run errands and get some food to bbq. Bill and I eventually
split up with the girls to head back home and hoped that electricity would come back on before the game. On the way
home, we picked up some beer and cheetos just in case we needed something to tide us over before the girls brought
back food to grill. Well when we got home, not only was the power still out, but through some mix up Becka had my house
keys. Bill and I were locked out of the house... sooo what'd we do??? Kicked back some beer, ate Cheetos, and pray for
electricity, so we could watch the game and get in the house. Sooo we shot the breeze and chiseled away at a big bag of
Cheetos. One minute after the game started, I heard sump pump flush out some water and I knew we had electricity.
Wahoo we were in.

The girls eventually made it back to the house with some grillin food. We made hotdogs, sausage, and hamburgers...
Mmm a well rounded diet if you ask me. Everybody had a good time, too bad the Pens lost.

Enjoy the tasey pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Memorial Day Extravaganza

Memorial Day weekend was jam packed full of food, as usually. Just this time around I think we ate too much... yes that's
right you read correctly "TOO MUCH FOOD" ?!?!? read on. The weekend started off easy we had Ali's graduation party.

[Round 1 Ali's Grad Party]
There was a lot of good food there, filled up on lasagna, sausage, and cookies. It was a nice warm up to stretch the belly
for the TWO yes TWO rib cook offs we were going to later that weekend. Ali's party was nice, lots of family and babies running

[Round 2 Cleveland American Rib Cookoff]
It turned out to be a really nice day. The sun was out and the smell of ribs was in the air. We hit most of the rib stands. I
think we only missed 3 of them. The clear winner of the day was North Carolina Rib King (Note-to-self: will need to visit
Matt Winking ). I also got to introduce Leah and Becka to beef ribs. Some stands this year brought some beef ribs to sell. Not the
little ones that you might have seen in the stores, but the huge ones they use for big BBQs Mmmmmm. One beef rib was a
pound, look for the pic. If you've never seen one before, it the huge hunk of meat. Of course we had to top off the day with a
waffle ice cream sandwich. KUDOs on having running water, so people can wash their hands.

[Round 3 Berea Rib Cookoff]
Feeling a bit winded from yesterday's bout, we still headed to the Berea Rib Cookoff. The nice part about the Berea one is
that you can just give the vendors cash and not have to go get rib tickets. Seems like a trend that people are bringing out
the beef ribs this years. There were a couple of stands that had beef ribs at Berea too. I hope the trend continues. Of
course we tried the beef ribs too.

By the end of the weekend I could not look at any more meat. It felt like we ate the whole cow.
Enjoy the pics.... be forewarned... you WILL get hungry looking at the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)


Leah Graduation

Wahoo! Leah graduated! Tons of running around + tons of family and friends + tons of packing = tons of pics. Everybody
had a good time at Leah's graduation. Becka and I even got a workout out of it too. We managed to fit everything in the
Jimmy and store the rest of Leah's stuff at her boss's house. We had to fill the Jimmy up 3 times to get all of Leah's stuff to
her house. One of the times, we utilized some cable TV cable to secure a mattress on top of the Jimmy. Leah and I also
rolled down the window to use our arms to hold on to the mattress.... yep it looked pretty ghetto, but it got the job done.

The graduation was nice. There were tons of people. Afterwards there was a nice reception with some tasty cookies. As
soon as we took all the grad pics, we booked it to Tailgaters, a sport bar, to watch the Cavs and Celtics Game. We got
them to put the game on three screens in front of our table. We ordered a ton of junk food and munch on them as we
watched the Cavs loose... oh well there's always next season. What was funny was that on the other side of the wall at
Tailgaters was a bar with Boston Celtics fans watchin the game too. It got to the point where they would cheer and we
would boo. And they would cuss out the tv and we would cheer. hahahaa it was a fun time.

Enjoy ALL the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)


Misc. Update

Updated the Codonics Album with a new whiteboard sketch and some house pics. Added a new Misc album for all those
one-off image we take some times.

-Garvin (^_^)


Happy Mothers Day/Happy Birthday Tony

Birthday Cake for Mother's Day who can complain. We had two reasons to celebrate this Sunday. We were doing
Mother's Day and then celebrating Tony's Birthday, hence the birthday cake for Mothers Day.

Enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)


Cavs Playoffs: Round 2 Game 3

In hindsight, I should have just created one big album for ALL the Cavs playoff games. Who knew we would win the lottery
so many times... oh well. Wahoo! The Cavs won. They needed to win this game. There were down 2-0 in the series.
Lebron is still struggling a bit on the offensive-side of things, but he making it up with assists and blocks. The place was
crazy loud and everyone had a great time. Game 3 was also Ali's Graduation present from Becka and me.

Enjoy the fun filled pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Oh yeah that's me kissing Becka, while she was in the Lebron cut out.