May 2006

Cleveland Rib Cook Off

We Came... We Saw... We Conquered... and boy are we STUFFED. :smiley_laughrum Roll:: Final Tally: 24 Ribs... 2 snow cones... 2 corn on the cobs with cajun powder... 3 large lemonades... 1 ice cream waffle sandwich... 2 free samples of vanilla ice cream... and 1 pack of Tums (for Sofiya smiley_wink We also met a Cleveland celebrity, Al "Bubba" Baker (history_linkage). He was representing for the Cleveland Browns and his ribs (tastey_Bubba_plug_linkage)... mmmmmm. Yes yes pics have been added to the 2K6 Album. Enjoy! (^_^)
p.s. yes Bubba's the one with the black shirt smiley_wink

Becka's Graduation Wahoo

Wahoo! Becka Graduated today! We got to watch flying tortillas and everything. (check out the theater smiley_wink Enjoy the new pics.

House Album is up

Enjoy the house album. It will be a running album so check for new house pics every once in a while.

Funny Faces

Added funny face pics to 2k6 Album.