Mar 2008

Leah Bday

Mini-weekend in Rochester for Leah's Birthday. We hit the road right after Chinese school on Saturday. On the way there,
I found an Old Country Buffet in Erie PA. They were packed, of course, so we'll need to go back next time. We met with
Leah and her peeps that night and went to a dessert place called Phillips European. After we stuffed our faces with with
tasty treats, we bought snacks and sushi (yeah I some weird craving for it that night.. don't know why) at Wegmans. After
that, we packed up Leah's stuff and had a mini-slumber party at the hotel. Sunday, we hit Mario's brunch buffet. We were
soooo stuffed. I think we each had 4 platefuls of food. After brunch, we hit the road for home.

Happy Birthday Leah!... Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Yay for Easter. Sooo Becka and I decided to hang on the East-side for the weekend, to avoid the early
Sunday drive to Mama's house. Saturday night Becka stuffed Easter eggs and we hid them through out the first floor of
Mama's house. The plan kinda back fired when Kelvin woke up early and he got more eggs than Jackie. Mass was
PACKED! I made sure to leave for church super-early. I got one of the last spot in the parking lot. When I was coming in,
I noticed that a few people were making their own parking spots, by parking on top of the snow piles. We had Starbucks
and Dim Sum to wrap up the day.

Happy Easter! Mmmm Chocolate Bunnies
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. If you can't tell I just picked up a new Halo toy Winking


St. Patrick's Day

Becka and I decided to drive down Lorain Rd. and look for some corned beef to celebrate St. Patty's Day. Of course! Cafe
Stratos had a corned beef dinner that day. Man I LOVE that place!

Enjoy the tasty pics.
-Garvin (^_^)


Lutz 50th Birthday Party

Wahooo! What a fun time! Bill and Alicia threw a surprise birthday party for their parents, which ended up a surprise party
for their dad, because Mama Lutz found out. Becka couldn't make it Sad She was in Yuma with with Leah visiting their Mama.
The drive to Ellwood City, PA, was pretty uneventful. I did get to leave work early, which allowed me enough time to find
Vinny's Pizza. I think over 60 people showed up for the party. When Papa Lutz came in the restaurant , everyone yelled
surprise and sang happy birthday (vid in theater... check it out). Papa Lutz's eyes lit up when he saw the 32 lbs. Malley's
Billy the Bunny sitting next to the cake.

Of course there was tons of tasty food.... errrr well everybody else said it was tasty. I started to pile on all my food. First I
scooped up some chicken and mushrooms, then on to the pasta and meatballs (my kryptonite), and then a got to the fish.
That's when I said, "OH CRAP!" today is Friday, which equals NO MEAT. So I had to put away the plate and get a non-
meat-Catholic-approved plate. The night whizzed by soo fast. Mama and Papa Lutz had a good time opening all the
presents. Becka and I got them popcorn, ammo, gun money, Swarovski crystal flower, Alaska travel book, and huge Card
(which took along time to draw on the cover). There weren't as many haha-you're-really-really-old gag gifts. Most of the
presents were really thoughtful.

I spent the night at Lutz house. I slept like a baby. It was also the first time I could remember that I slept in passed 9:00am.
Mama Lutz made some tasty sunny-side eggs and ham for B-fast. Too bad Becka miss all the festivities. She would have
had a blast. Oh well I took a lot of pictures. I did manage to fill up Bill's camera with pics.

Happy Birthday Cecelia and Bill Lutz!
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Becka made the center pieces for the tables.

p.p.s. Yes that is a Choco cat pillow on Bill's bed Winking


Yuma Spring Break

To be filled in by Becka.

Mini Update: Car Show

Updated the Cleveland Car Show album with Bill's pics.

-Garvin (^_^)


Melinda and Tony's Wedding + Blizzard of the Century = Family Fun

So we left an extra hour earlier than it would to have taken regularly and we made it right on time. The wedding went
smooth. Kelvin of course brought his A-game of cuteness. He had his little suit and a little red pillow for the rings. The
mass was really good. The priest even added the blizzard to the mix, a true sign he was really really good. Everybody
had a good time. It was touching, moving, an full of love. Tony will prolly get mad, but for the record he was the first person
to cry. Just kidding, I've NEVER seen Tony mad before. After the wedding, Melinda, Tony and the rest of their party went
off to the Cleveland Court House in their stretched Hummer to take pictures. As they trucked it to Cleveland, we all worried
that they wouldn't make it make in time for the reception, due to the fact that the FREAK blizzard was still coming down.
Little did we know, we should have been worrying about ourselves. Since we had a few hours to burn, we decided to head
home for and hour and grab a little snack.

When we got to Mama's home, the driveway was covered. We couldn't even get in the driveway... even with the huge
Envoy. We tried to hunt down a snow plow and bribe him to plow the house... little did we know Mama had already flagged
down someone and he was already plowing the driveway when we got back. We had some tasty ramen noodles and
booked it to the reception and there is where the fun begins... and by fun... I mean the sweaty-cardio-push-heavy-objects-
through-snow kind.

Just as soon as the Seto convoy (3 cars... Envoy, Jimmy, and a CR-V) left the station, we hit a road block. The Tam's CR-V
got stuck in the snow 5 feet from the house. Pretty much as soon as we pushed it out we got stuck again. To make things
worse, a snow plow was stuck in front of us and blocked BOTH lanes of the road. By this time two of our neighbors had come
out to help us. We split up, so we could move the snow plow out of the way and dig out the CR-V. Once we moved the snow
plow, we could focus on the CR-V. We had to get it unstuck a hand full of times, before we made it half way down the street.
Eventually, we drove the Envoy in front of the CR-V to essentially lay down some tracks for the it to drive over. After a couple
more good rounds of getting stuck and pushing, we got things moving. Boy was I tired. Once, we made it to the main road
we were pretty much good to go. There were a couple scary moments, but we all made it... 45 minutes into the cocktail hour,
but we made it! WAHOOO!

When we got to Embassy Suite, we learned that Melinda and Tony had no problem cutting through the blizzard in the
stretched Hummer. They actually got back on time. One of the groom's men said that Cleveland was completely shut down.
There were tons of cars stuck on the highway. Hmmm may need to buy one of those. Melinda and Tony's entrance was
GREAT! The DJ laid down some smoke at the entrance, and Tony busted in with his fireman outfit carrying Melinda.
Everybody laughed. The food of course was super-tasty and the wedding cake was from Little Italy, yeah no brainer...
considering how many cakes we've gotten cakes from Corbo's. We partied the night away, until they had to kick us out.
Thank goodness I was on Vegas time. It made it easy to hit midnight Winking hahahaa.

Enjoy ALL the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Cleveland got more than 15 inches of SNOW!
p.p.s. Apparently it's lucky to get married in the winter for Chinese, so I guess Melinda and Tony got extra lucky, because of the blizzard.
p.p.p.s. I try will get all the pics (over 2 GBs) to the download center this weekend.
p.p.p.p.s. Since our blizzard feast (not the good kind from Dairy Queen), I've re-thought my stance on big cars. I love huge
GMC trucks (Jimmy, Envoy). I might go check out the GMC Acadia... now that's a snow beast.


Wedding Rehearsal: The Calm Before the Storm.

A quick follow up to the last post. Thanks goodness I took the red eye the day before instead of coming back on Friday.
That flight got canceled... thanks Gary Winking

Since I was back a day early, I was able to the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Everybody made it. Dad was
there too. He was going to give away Melinda during the wedding. The rehearsal went pretty smooth, but Kevlin's part
might not go as smoothly as planed. I think this was the first time he actually went inside the church. All the other times he
just cried and never went in.

After the Rehearsal, we went off to din din. The snow had been coming down pretty hard by now. It took a little more than
twice as long to get to the Willoughby Brewing Company. We all had a good time eating and chilling out with the the whole
fam. After we were full, we went off to Mama's house to rest up for tomorrow's big day.

Enjoy all the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


[Live Vegas Blogging 008] Chillin @ the airport

Man the last two hours were a blur. Once Gary and I decided I should take the red-eye back tonight to avoid the big storm.
I had to get new tickets, pack, check out, head to the airport, grab some din din (Wolfgang Express @ the airport). And just
when I got used to the pacific time zone, I need to fly back. I'm going to be sooo tired tomorrow. I land Friday 6:15am. Still
debating whether or not I go into work. I do still need to bone up for the Halo3 tourney starting Tuesday Winking hahahaa

just chillin @ the airport.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes, this is the last [Live Vegas Blog]


[Live Vegas Blogging 007] Weather Alert

If you've been living under a rock, there's a HUGE winter storm coming up from Texas tonight (Reference nasty picture below)
and it's going to hit Ohio HARD. I think I'm going to punt the rest of the dev con and try to truck it back super-early TONIGHT.
Seeing how Melinda's wedding is on Saturday... I NEED to make it back by Friday. That's right kiddies Garvin's coming home.
Now whether or not I go to work tomorrow is another thing. I leave 1130pm (Vegas time) and arrive 6:30am (EST).

So on the way to cash out my fat ticket (reference +$500 imaage in the album) from roulette, I decided to burn all my singles
($7) on roulette again. I bet $5 on red and essesntaill $.50 on 16, 18,19,21. And guess what hit, 21! Hahahaa... It might be
a good things I'm truckin home. I might have lost all my money tonight Winking

::Excerpt from

::End Excerpt::

Hope things go well.. see ya soon.
-Garvin (^_^)

Earning Summary:
Earnings since last blog: $27
Total Earnings: $483.20


[Live Vegas Blogging 006] Ballmer Keynote and more...

Boo Mike left today. Well, it was fun when he was here. Don't really know what I'll do tonight... but anywho... Today was
chalk full of nerd-ing out. Lots of session to goto. Mike and I hit Noodle Asia @ The Venetian. Mmmm good food.

After lunch was the big Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) keynote. It was fairly decent. It was less formal and more of a
Q&A format where a lot of developers were able to poke and prod Steve. Walking around the con, they have a place
called "The Pit" (reference to a Halo 3 map). Man my brian is mush, nothing like a full day of running around
(8:00am-8:00pm). Sooo after I got all my Qs answered, I went and packed all my junk up.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

Earning Summary:
Earnings since last blog: $0
Total Earnings: $456.20

Notes from the Sessions today (boring part):
+ Creating Better User Experiences: Design Strategies
Ehh... it was ok. A lot of engineers booked it when there was class participation.
+ Creating Rich Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2
Definitely more technical than the last session. Will need to d/l Karen's code and poke around with it.
+ Touch Me: Where are Interfaces Going?
Ok. It was a comitee of people who were developing new UI of the future. It was cool they had a guy who was in charge of the
effects in the Minority Report.
+ Creating Better User Experiences: Design Methods
More group work.


[Live Vegas Blogging 005] Keynote and Magic

Well today was the day to run around too all the sessions and nerding-out. The keynote was pretty good. It was completely
packed. They had to close the doors and send extra people to another meeting room, where they played a live feed. They
had some pretty impressive demos, now we'll see if anybody bites and starts using it. Microsoft is doing a lot of things right.
They debuted IE8 for the first time ever and also show the Silverlight sight for the NBC Olympics. It was like Tivo on steroids.
After the keynote, I met up with might at Cravings at the Mirage. Cravings is my favorite buffet, and you can't got o Vegas
without going to a buffet.

After we stuffed our faces with food, I went and played some roulette. I won enough to get some show tickets tonight.
Reference the +$180 in my "Earnings Summary" below. I actually won the $180 by accident. I won $90 bucks and instead
of hitting the cash out button, I hit the re-bet button. Wow! was I sooooo nervous when the ball was bouncing around.
Luckly, I won and tripled my money.

Then off to the the labs and sessions. Reference the Notes section for all the nitty-gritty-boring details.

Tonight, Mike and I went to Wolfgang Puck's Spago and had some tasty fancy food. I of course had the peking duck, and
Mike had the surf and turf. Desert was also amazing too. After din din we had to book it to the Rio to catch Penn & Teller.
The show was SUPER-COOL and we got to meet them after the show.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

Earning Summary:
Earnings since last blog: $180
Total Earnings: $456.20

Notes from the Sessions today (boring part):
+ The Human Brain Relationship: Advanced and Adaptive User Interfaces
The room are completely packed. I had to stand then entire time. The guy was really good an made great points.
Some examples posted on

+ Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight part1
+ Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight part2 with Mike Harsh
The "Deep Zoom" demo was nice. Will need to make and app for Codonics. Examples are on Mike Harsh's blog
( I even got enough guts to step up to the mic and ask a question.


[Live Vegas Blogging 004] Elvis Siting!

Wahoo! Mike came in tonight. We headed over to Ceasar's to grab a bite to eat (Mmmm BBQ) and walk around. We went
through the forums and saw the Bellagio fountain show. FYI: Elvis is still ALIVE... apparently he chills out with Marilyn
Monroe by the fountain.

enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes, I will try to blog @ the keynote.


[Live Vegas Blogging 003] Mix08 Registration

After winning big, I walked around and shopped. I did see the Master Chief wax statue @ Madame Tussaudos Wax
Museum from afar. I was tempted to pay full price just to take a picture next to it, but $24 is too much. For lunch, I went to
went to my favorate asain place, Noodle Asia. You know it's good, because when you look around most the people that
eat there are asian. I moved out of old room and they upgraded me to a deluxe room. Nothing too special, but it's above
the casino and not by the garage.

Today was registration and lab time for Mix08. It took a while to figure out where I needed to go. The Venetian is HUGE!
I did register and got my shwag bag (Referece below of all the shwag goodness). I camped out @ a lab computer and
hammered through 2 labs. The labs were pretty good, but my mind was all mush after the second one. I walked around
to check things out. Microsoft has reserved 2 floors of meeting rooms, for everybody to geek out in. It was cool, they set
up a Rock Band stage for a tournament. One REALLY REALLY cool thing was that they had two live demo models of the
Microsoft Surface. MS really out did themselves with the Surface. It's very Apple-ish, but more organic looking.... very
very slick. I will definitely play with it more this week Winking I took a quick movie and will upload to laters.

enjoy all the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. oops forgot to teh upbate the album from the lst post... oh well even more pics to post now Winking

Earning Summary:
Today's Earnings: $9.45
Total Earnings: $276.20

Shwag Bag Contents:
+ S/W lots of S/W
+ Microsoft boomerang
+ Microsoft pen
+ Mix08 Notebook
+ Silverlight book


[Live Vegas Blogging 002] Morning Gambling

Of course, I'm on east coast time, so I woke up extra early today. I first hit the local games at the Imperial Palace. I won a
couple bucks on the wheel of fortune. Honestly, I just wanted to spin the wheel hehehee. Starbucks was packed, so I
headed to Mirage to play some roulette. My second bet, I hit 23 and all the side bets around it. The pics shows my bet
and how much I won. I booked it outta there as soon I cashed out. For my victory b-fast, I went back to Starbucks.

enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

Today's Earnings: $286.75
Total Earnings: $286.75


[Live Vegas Blogging 001] Flight

Will try to live blog from Vegas. I'm sure I'll end up in a boring lab or two. The flight was pretty uneventful. They played
"August Rush". Boy! am I glad Becka and I aren't flying every other week to see each other still. 3 hours seem a lot longer
now hahaha. Will need to register tomorrow and collect all the shwag.

Enjoy the 2 pics for now
-Garvin (^_^)

Today's Earnings: $0
Total Earnings: $0


Mini Update Codonics

Playing a prank on Gary (Boss Gary not brother Gary) is always fun. I carefully unpackaged his server from Japan, without
breaking the Japan Import seal. I put a stuffed Choco Cat doll in the box and taped it back up again. Gary was obviously
surprised that his precious server was missing and he didn't know where it went. Of course, he chased me down with a
pair of scissors and told my mom that he had to slit my wrist... HAHAAA don't you feel the love @ Codonics.

Enjoy the Pics.
-Garvin (^_^)



Cleveland Car Show

Oooo we saw tons of SHINY cars. Yay for toys! We got to check out potential cars that Alicia and Becka may buy.
Nothing like having all the cars under one roof to sit in and play around with. We got to see 2 of Lebron's pimped out

Enjoy the shiny pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Lesson Learned: I don't make enough money.... HAHAAAA JUST KIDDING
p.p.s. Will update the album when I get Bill's pics