Jun 2008

Joe Graduates

Joe's actually graduated. Who knew? Joe graduation was fun. Nothing like sitting in a hot stadium for a few hours. We
bumped into Lisa and Joe's family while we were looking for seats, talk about a small world. After the graduation, we all
headed over to Joe's house for some food and gaming, of course... how else would you picture a Joe graduation.
Everybody had a good time eating Chinese food (Joe's personal request), and playing Rock Band. The time went by too
fast and Becka and I were soon on the road again.

Enjoy the.... oh wait I can't find my digi cam... sooo you'll need to wait for the pics. I'll do a post, when I find the camera.
For the time being, just imaging Joe with a diploma and stuffing his face full of Chinese food.
-Garvin (^_^)