Jul 2007

3BQ pt2

Wow another 3BQ. Mmmm more BBQ food yum. With all the Pittsburgh people I was soo tempted to where a Browns jersey... now if I only had Brows gear. The BBQ was great everybody had a great time. Becka even played some volleyball and croquet. oooooo I've got pictures to prove it.

Enjoy the Album
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. The album will get update with Bill's pics soon.


Halo Munny

Wahoo for Art Projects. Just created a Misc Album to hold random pics through out the year. It's been a while since I've done and sculpting, so it'll be quite interesting how the Munny will turn out.

Enjoy the sketches
-Garvin (^_^)


Micro-Update: Codonics Album

Shake... shake... shake...
-Garvin (^_^)


Indians Game

Impromptu Indians Game tonight. Wahoo! No way am I going to turn down hotdogs and nachos. Mmmm. We had a super-fun time, too bad the Indians got blown outta the park (Y_Y)

enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Down Time

Hi Gang

The site will be down for a bit while I fix some bugs. Yes the site has grown so large it makes my mighty mac buckle every time I update.

-Grrvin (Y_Y)

Another year another Pittsburgh Anniversary

Fun Filled Anniversary... Gambling in Detroit and our annual dinner @ Monterey Bay Fish Grotto.

Enjoy the pics.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Yes, I lost my phone @ the casino (Y_Y)... no I am not trying to get an iPhone. (Thanks Bill for callin Becka when the stranger that found my phone called you Winking


Family FTP

The new family FTP site is up.  There is 750GB of backup storage for everybody to use.  Bill and I pretty much hammered it out over the July 4th holiday. Yes those are computer parts twisty-tied to a plastic milk crate. That's right we keep it real ghetto.

-Garvin (^_^)