Jul 2006

Happy Birthday Kelvin

Yay more Cake and Presents! Enjoy the pics (^_^)

Highland Heights HomeDays

Yay for Highland Hts. HomeDays and Double YAY for Becka being able to ride for free on the kiddie rides when she brings Kelvin, LUCKY! Enjoy the Album!

Sand Castle Water Park

Pittsburgh Again?!?! What?!?! No we haven't lost our minds. We had a fun filled time at Sand Castle. Will definitely need to go back next year smiley_wink Enjoy the Pics.

Happy Birthday Donut Sue

The title pretty much says it all smiley_wink Wahoo Party! Enjoy the pics (^_^)

Update: House pics

Hey Gang! It's that time again. You got it HOUSE UPDATE! Wahooo! Around one more month left. smiley_laugh can't wait.

Sofiya New York Pics

Added pics from Sofiya and Mike's trip in NYC. You can scope them out in Sofiya's Album. Here is a quick tease smiley_wink

Another year another Pittsburgh Anniversary

For our anniversary Becka and I always goto Pittsburgh (yeah its a looooong story). We've gone to the same restaurant in the same city 3 times now, which makes this our 2nd Anniversary!!! YAY ::Clap:: ::Clap:: okie dokie enjoy the pics.

Matt Visit

Yay! fun filled time with Matt this weekend. From seeing the new house to ice skating to BBQ @ Mentor Headlands and wrapping up with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest everybody had a great time! Enjoy the pics.


Back from Canada with tons O pics. Quick re-cap of the trip: Played "Name that Tune" to and from Toronto, Lots of eating {1/3 lb. sausages, dim sum, fancy stuff @ the CN Tower}, met famous Chinese watercolor artist, bought paintings for famous Chinese watercolor artist, went to super mall Eaton Center {6 stories of shopping goodness}, blew a lot of money, went to the largest Chinatown (second to only CHINA, yeah it was that HUGE smiley_wink, and last but definitely not least Joe made a new boyfriend. Everybody had a great time. Toronto is like a cleaner NYC. Goin back @ the end of the month smiley_wink
Enjoy the album. (^_^)