Feb 2008

Joe BDay in Cincinnati

Happy BirthDay Joe! Technically it's on March 2nd, but today was the best time to all get together. We had a great time at
the Hof Brau Haus in Kentucky. After the German bar he booked it over to GameWorks to geek out for a bit. I did manage
to win a couple stuffed animal in the grabby claw game. Joe enjoyed his present, that we (Gary, Teresa, Becka, and I) got
him. It was a beer making kit! Hopefully, Joe doesn't hurt anybody with this present (Reference to Donut-Death-Machine
of Christmas-Past).

On the way back home I forgot my laptops, so we (Becka and I) had to turn back. This made us super late for Chinese class,
so we just joined up with Gary and Teresa for b-fast @ the Original Pancake House. Mmmmm it was tasty.

Happy BDay Joe!
-Garvin (^_^)


New York Presbyterian

Another Codonics road show/ming-beta install, but this time we (Ross and I) went to New York Presbyterian. Wow what a
roller coaster trip. Again I can't say too many specific of the trip. As soon as we landed in Newark, we booked it to New
York Presbyterian (NYP). NYP is located in New York City... fun fun. We pretty much crash and burned on Wednesday.
What made it worse was that I didn't eat anything all day, except a bowl of cereal (picture in the album). I was super light
headed in the afternoon, which made it very hard to concentrate and fix everything. Man was I bummed. We crashed hard
enough to contemplate whether or not we should just go home and not burn another day @ NYP. We opted for having a
good dinner and giving it another shot on Thursday.

We had some AMAZING Thai food. Mental_Note: Go back next time I'm in NYC. The duck was great and the sweet curry
was just right. It definitely took the edge off of Wednesday festivities.

Thursday, round 2. We were armed and ready for giving it a second go around. I mean it's not like we could have done
worse hahahaa sooo just kidding. Once again we brought Dunkin Donuts for everybody. This time things went a lot better.
We got lucky and ALL the right people that we needed just happen to show up in the office we were in today. We got down
too all the problems that we were having yesterday and fixed EVERYTHING! It was more than they expected. We definitely
earned their respect and business. As soon as we debugged a Virtua problem, we booked it back to Newark, NJ to try to
catch the earlier flight. We made it just in time.

There's definitely themes to our trips. 1) Fixing virtua problems 2)Running and 3)Dunkin Donuts.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

P.S. For those who are following, our Track Record is 3-0.


Happy Birthday! (part2 of 2) SURPRISE!!!

Yay! for surprise birthday parties. Everybody threw a surprise birthday party for me today. I knew something was up when
I saw Sofiya's car in the garage, but didn't figure things out until I was greeted by an Optimus Prime blanket at the door and
saw all the decorations. The theme of the night was "Games". We played Candy Land and Apples to Apples. I got my butt
handed to me in Candy Land. Grrrr the "Ginger Man" card... Grrrr I say. Of course there was tasty ice cream cake for all...
Mmmmmmm. Yes. Yes. we played Halo 3 at night Winking

Yay for friends! Enjoy the pics (Updated Garvin BDay).
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Cake count: 3

p.p.s. I also updated the Theater 2k8 section too. Becka and Alicia snuck in some vids.


Happy Birthday! (part1 of 2)

Ug... gettin older and older by the second. The BIG 2-7 today... wahooo. Bill, Becka, and I were going to hit up a casino,
so I could spin a wheel of prizes. Things fell through, because of work... oh wel;, still have a great time on my B-Day!
What was supposed to be a small, low-key B-Day din din turned out to be a larger 9 party dinner @ J Alexanders...
Mmmmmm. We all had a good time, too bad they had to split the tables up. Everybody had a good time and we all
walked away stuffed. Becka did make me wear "Birthday Boy" pin.. that was fun.

Fun-SideNote: Someone at work got me a cake... Mmmmm Good stuff and a HUGE surprise! Becka and I attacked it!

It's almost time for my mid-life crisis.. YES! can't wait

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Melinda Bridal Shower

Don't get the wrong impression from the pictures... this was definitely a Girl's Only Bridal Shower... plus Kelvin. Winking Tasty
food, pretty decorations, cake, prizes, and presents for the Bride. It was fun!!

-Becka ^^


Chinese New Year Dinner (part2 of 2)

Lost of Family + Lots of food = Yay! Second Chinese New Year dinner. This is the post Chinese New Year dinner. Part 1 was the pre Chinese New Year Dinner. We had tons of food... more than last time. Man, I'm getting good at packin up my stuff and setting up a temporary work center. I grabbed a mahjong table and set up shop. I gave one more crack at gettin the panorama of the dinner table, and this time it turned out better. The 2nd and 3rd image matched up. The 1st and 2nd not so much...oh well.

enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Dartmouth Part Deux

Back to Dartmouth. They liked what they saw last time, so we've come back to install a beta unit at their hospital. The trip
was fun, exciting, and breath taking. Literally, Ross and I were winded even before we got to Dartmouth. The quick
itinerary of our travels to Dartmouth:
2:30 - Leave Codonics for airport.
3:00 to 6:10 - Wait for SUPER-DELAYED plane and pray we make our connection in Baltimore.
6:15 - Herded like cattle in to SouthWest airplane
8:10 - Land in Baltimore and sprint to next concourse.
8:12 - Catch 2nd flight to Manchester, NH
9:35 - Land in Manchester and kiss the ground.... yeah we flew through a nasty storm while landing.
10:00 to 11:30 - Get rent-a-van and drive north to Dartmouth.
Total Travel Time: 9 hours.

Yeah that was fun. Eh... we made it to the hotel, so it's all good. The demo went super smooth. I can't really say too much
about it, but it was a GREAT SUCCESS to say the least. On our last day we did bring in some Dunkin' Donuts Winking The trip
back was pretty uneventful, which was good. I've got a lot of work this weekend.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Mini-Update: Home and Garden Album and Chinese New Year Concert

Darthmouth trip isn't going to stop the digidreamerz update streak. Yay! Bill hooked me up with his pics.

-Grrvin (^_^)


Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes this is one day earlier. We needed to celebrate tonight. I am flying to New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon. Oh well,
at least there's less traffic going to dinner not on Valentine's Day. We had sushi @ DaiShin... Mmmmm. Then went home
for presents and for me to work/pack for my flight tomorrow. Becka got a super-cool Optimus Prime card with monkey
stickers, a couple Snoopy Valentine's Day books, and special t-shirts. What's sooo special about these t-shirts you might
ask. Well they are cool nerdy t-shirts, that have your old school Zelda health bar hearts on the front of them. Now the real
magic happens when you bring them close together(~2meters) the each health bar increments from 2 and a half hearts to
a full 6 hearts. It's really cool! Will need to rock them one night... perhaps next time we go bowling Winking We will definitely rock
them tomorrow. The people @ Codonics will be blow away HAHAHAAA. Becka made me a cool Tom Tom card and I got
a Choco Cat tea cup, Stitch pen, and a heart monster.

Smooch! Smooch! Happy Valentine's Day!
-Garvin (^_^) xoxo

p.s. enjoy the cool dry easer board art I left @ Codonics.
p.p.s. Mad props to thinkgeek.com for the shirts and transmitter packs


Home and Garden Show

The Home and Garden Show was super fun today. We did a lot of walking today. The CTS was fully packed with Mama
Lutz, Alicia, Bill, Becka and me. Thank goodness I had comfy shoes on today. We did a whole lotta walking. There was
a lot of things to see and do. Becka and Alicia had a good time hanging out at the playground. I did get to drop some
knowledge about journey earrings. Who knew no one knew what they were and represented. Haggling with the diamond
ladies was interesting, I had to play the Cash-only card, which tipped the scales in our favor Winking . The show's theme was
"Bella Italia - A Tribute to Italy", soooo keeping with the theme we ate at Macaroni Grille. Yep. Yesterday was Chinese
day and today was Italian, definitely a Multi-Cultural weekend.

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Chinese New Year Concert

Happy New Year! Again. Yes yes I know Chinese New Year was on Thursday, but today was the day the entire Chinese
school celebrated it. As of last week there were more than +900 people coming to the show, that's not even including the
+400 kids that are part of the school. Needless to say this would be the LARGEST group we have done anything in front
of ::GULP!::. It was cool to see what all the other classes were up to. It was hard to follow most of the show, because they
cut out the English translation parts to save time. Watching little kids mess up and running kept it fun. Our performance
went pretty smoothly, considering we had a technical glitch.

Keeping things Chinese, we headed over to Ho-Wah for din din. Yes... of course dinner wouldn't be complete unless we
hustled it over to Mally's for dessert. The good thing about trekking back to Olmsted was that it gave me time to digest.
Man was I stuffed. No worries I made sure to take a lot of pictures and movies.

-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. Will update with Bill's pic when I get them.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Yay for the year of the Rat!
-Garvin (^_^)


Mini-Update: Holiday Valley

Wahoo got the last pics from Bill to complete the "Holiday Valley" Album. I especially like the pics of the guy from the lost and found Winking

Enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Chinese New Year Dinner (part1 of 2)

Ugg too full to sleep.

Oh boy am I stuffed! As usual, we didn't eat dinner until really late @ night (need to wait for Dad and Uncle to get off work).
What didn't help things was I ate lunch super early today, before a meeting. I was dying to eat @ 6, but dinner wasn't until
9-ish. The way I got around the hunger pains was just to take a nap when I got home-home (Mama's house)... and wait for
someone to wake me up when it was time to chow down.

Some background info: This dinner is really the pre New Year dinner. You're supposed to have one before the New Year
and one after.

Tonight's Dinner Menu:
+ Shark Fin Soup
+ Steamed Chicken
+ White Rice (Of course)
+ Lettuce Wraps
+ Fried Shrimp with a Cream Sauce
+ Pig's Feet
+ Crunchy Skin Pork
+ Abalone
+ Lobster
+ Talapia (It's a kind of a fish)
+ Seaweed Soup

I tried to make a little panorama of the aftermath with all the food. It kinda-almost-sorta worked.

Ug... time to roll my fat butt to bed... enjoy the pics and panorama.
-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. The second dinner will be on Feb. 16th, so look for the album to be updated around then.


New Albums

Updated Digidreamerz with 2 new albums. One "House" Album for the year, located @ 2k8_Photo_Album -> House and a
new February one to start collecting new pics.

-Grrvin (^_^)