Aug 2006

Steelers Game

Two trips to Pittsburgh in one year?!?! No I haven't gone crazy smiley_wink We all had a GREAT time! Saw a good game, had over priced stadium food, and saw trophies.



p.s. Yes the flash on Bill's cam is Super-Bright

Nguyen Reception

Round 2 of Martin's wedding. The whole weekend of the reception in Cleveland was another great time. Boy do those Vietnamese know how to eat, 10 course dinners that last 3 hours are awesome. Good times with friends both new and old, awesome food, a little dancing, and an all around fun experience that I think everyone enjoyed.  And if anyone asks, I am 3% Vietnamese.



Nguyen Wedding

Four days of fun in Kansas City. Martin took that crazy leap and got himself married. It was quite the experience being in a Vietnamese wedding, plenty of good people and good food. My vocabulary of about 30 words didn't really help all that much, but I still had a blast. Congrats to Martin and Quyen.



MAJOR! Update-A-Palooza!

7 New albums updated to the site. Enjoy all the pics!

Sofiya and Mike @ Boston

To be filled out by Sofiya or Mike.


Das san castle to end all sand castles

The sand castle to end all castles! Well... errrr.. that's of course until we build another one. Could have used some more help, ahem smiley_wink Fun time @ Edge Water Park! Enjoy the pics.

Happy Birthday Mama Seto

Just when we finished Kelvin's birthday cake, we get more cake!!! Wahooo!
enjoy the pics.


Steam Engine Show... need I say more...

Steam Engines and Canons what else would you ask for in a Super-Cool Album. Check out Bill's trip to the Steam Engine Show in his album.